Student Research Assistants

Subject area Contact Language
Forecasting solar and wind power production as well as energy consumption using Deep Learning Hendrik Flamme English/German

Development of a Web Application for the Management of Simulations and Result Data

Sonja Happ English/German
How Can Cloud-Based Solutions Make the Energy Sector Smarter Maliheh Haghgoo English
Studentische Hilfskraft im Bereich Lehre [Regelungstechnik] Martina Josevski German
Modelling analysis of singular and cascading failures in interdependent power and communication infrastructures Abhinav Sadu English/German
Optimization of libiec61850, an open source implementation of IEC61850 Manuel Pitz English/German
Development of Dynamic Phasor Models for Power Electronics Component

Sriram Gurumurthy

Markus Mirz

Petri Nets based Dependability & Resilience of cyber-physical Smart Grid Automation Abhinav Sadu English
Entwicklung eines robusten und skalierbaren Multi-Agenten-System Frameworks basierend auf Techniken des Cloud-Computing Stefan Dähling German
Development of Modelica models of electrical components for energy grid simulation

Jan Dinkelbach

Markus Mirz

Stability Analysis of Low Voltage AC Microgrid Edoardo De Din English
Development of hardware interfaces for HIL applications Marco Cupelli English
Refinements of a technique for online parametric identification of AC Power Grid Impedances and system-level studies Marco Cupelli English

Development of a Dynamic Phasor Solver for Real-Time Simulation

Markus Mirz English/German
Containerized applications for the Smart Grid use case Stephan Gross English