Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Management


Team Leader: Gianluca Lipari



ForEVER investigates the flexibility potential of buildings to stabilize the electrical distribution networks. The multiphysics simulation platform developed within the project enables the integrated calculation of a variety of possible scenarios, particularly with regard to settlement structure and development of renewable electricity generation yielding insight for planning and adjustment of energy systems. More



The increase of the renewable energy production and its volatility lead to a main challenge for tomorrow: increase the flexibility of the consumption side in order to counterbalance the surplus or the lack of renewable energy production during a given period of time. A smart coupling of electrical and heating systems can offer such flexibility, so that during a high renewable production, energy can be stored into a battery or a thermal storage and be reused latter, in period of low renewable production. More


SUSTAIN - Retrofit and Energy Management in a City Quarter

SUSTAIN will demonstrate the process of building a stable power system with distributed generation and an increasing integration of renewable energies in Bottrop, a model city for the InnovationCity Ruhr programme. SUSTAIN’s approach is to define a robust system solution which tolerates deviations from its design parameters without significant loss of efficiency. More


SUCCESS - Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures

The SUCCESS project will develop an overarching approach to threat and countermeasure analysis with special focus on the vulnerabilities introduced by Smart Meters. Success will achieve this objective by encapsulating the key challenges of Security, Resilience, Survivability and Privacy in 3 use cases which will focus the Research, Implementation and Evaluation concepts. More