Campus Cluster Projects


Center for Wind and Power Drives

The Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD) coordinates the research work on wind energy of a consortium of seven RWTH Institutes. The CWD is about to commission a 4 MW ground level nacelle test bench for wind turbines. A 1 MW experimental setup, as a proof of concept, has already been fully set-up and tested. The scaled up 4 MW test bench has optimized multi-physics Power Hardware in the Loop, and offers more degrees of freedom in testing. More


Certification Investigation of Wind Energy Converters (WEC)

The experience from decades of WEC in operation shows that there are still unsolved reliability issues regarding electrical and mechanical components. Moreover, as the share of wind energy increases constantly, it is critical that the certification to be fulfilled before connection to the grid is clear and feasible. Designing the hardware in the loop test benches of the CWD at RWTH Aachen so that they realize repeatable conditions and are fit for certification is one of the main foci of ACS. More


Loads on drive train components of wind turbine generators

The objective of this project is to analyze and reduce local stresses in the electro-mechanical drivetrain of wind turbine generators. The applicants strongly believe that adequately validated and thus reliable simulation models are the essential key to avoid design-related claims and to increase the availability and cost effectiveness of wind turbine generators. More