Large Software System Challenges


Team Leader: Stefan Lankes



Germany’s distribution grids were originally intended only to deliver electricity from transmission level to households and smaller consumers. Now, the German “Energiewende” brings new challenges and opportunities for distribution grids, such as an increase of volatile feed-in by so called “Prosumers”. SINERGIEN will deliver a simulation platform for planning and operating future distribution grids taking into account technological, economical as well as communication issues. More



In the context of the energy transition in Germany, the project SwarmGrid is concerned with the important question of how the stability of future energy grids can be assured. In the future, the share of decentralized energy conversion units will strongly increase whereas the amount of large power stations will decrease. Today, the energy grid is mainly stabilized by large power stations. That is why new strategies for the future have to be developed incorporating decentralized generators, for example wind turbines or photovoltaic units, into the stabilization of the energy grid. More


FaST - Find a Suitable Topology for Exascale Applications

"Find a Suitable Topology for Exascale Applications" (FaST) is a research project funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. It deals with the temporal and spatial placement of processes on high performance computers of the future. More


HermitCore - A Unikernel for Extreme-Scale Computing

The project HermitCore is a novel unikernel targeting a scalable and predictable runtime behavior for HPC and cloud environments. HermitCore could be used a classical unikernel within a virtual machine. In addition, it extends the multi-kernel approach with unikernel features to provide better programmability and scalability for hierarchical systems. More