Energy System Optimization and Cloud Solutions


Team Leader: Michael Dierkerhof


FISMEP – FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform

Not only due to the arrival of the mainly automated “digital age“, but also given the integration of renewable and decentralized energy as well as the merging of electric and thermal domains, the energy sector has an increasing need for flexibility. The EU project “FISMEP“ (FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform) targets this need by developing a cloud-based, service-oriented open source software platform (also referred to as FIWARE technology) to facilitate an efficient, automated and sustainable energy supply for single buildings as well as municipalities. More


ELSA - Energy Local Storage Advanced system

Energy storage options are considered key enablers for the smart grid, providing required flexibility both at building and grid level. The project ELSA (Energy Local Storage Advanced system) addresses this demand by developing and trialling the integration of electrical storage, in the form of second-life batteries from electric vehicles, to support intelligent energy management solutions. More


Energie System 2050 (ES 2050)

Energy System 2050“ (ES 2050) is a joint initiative of the research field “Energy” within the Helmholtz Association. The overall goal is to develop tangible and exploitable knowledge and technological solutions on system level, which can be pursued by politics and economy to support the “Energiewende”. More



The SHAR-Q project will establish a peer-to peer (P2P) interoperability network to connect neighborhooding systems of distributed energy resources (DERs) - including Renewable Energy Sources (RESs), Energy Storage (ES) and e-vehicles (EVs) - in a collaborative framework that optimizes the DERs deployment in the grid. More