Power System Control


Team Leader: Marco Cupelli



DC-Direkt is concerned with the technical and economic study of Medium-Voltage DC systems (MVDC) at the distribution network level, in particular for industrial installations, ship networks as well as for connection of wind power plants. In addition to increasing system efficiency and reliability, due to the stronger meshing of the subcomponents in a DC bus, the main focus is the reduction of the total cost, by eliminating or simplifying conversion components. More


IN2RAIL – Innovative Intelligent Rail

A significant increase in traffic demand for both passengers and freight is expected in the near future. This will require a substantial improvement of the transport system infrastructure and of the quality of service provided to the customers. In this context, current European policies are pushing for a shift of the medium distance transport mode towards railway systems, because of their lower environmental impact and their better efficiency and safety with respect to other transport modes. More