Power System Automation


Team Leader: Marco Pau


SOGNO – Service Oriented Grid for the Network Of the future

SOGNO is a H2020 European Project, which aims at developing a new concept of distribution grid management, based on the use of 5G communication, advanced deep learning techniques and cloud virtualization to provide the intelligence needed to control future smart grids as a service for distribution system operators. SOGNO solution will be demonstrated in different European field trials as well as in the ACS laboratory and in the RWTH Smart Campus grid. More


FLEXMETER - Flexible smart metering with active prosumers

Contributing to the EU H2020 initiative for competitive low-carbon energy, the project FLEXMETER will define a flexible smart metering architecture supporting innovative services for multiple energy vectors. More


ENSURE - Neue EnergieNetzStruktURen für die Energiewende (New Energy Network Structures for the Energiewende)

ENSURE is one of the four Kopernikus-Projects launched by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 2016, as the largest research initiative for the implementation of the Energiewende, and one of the few that bring together the strongest (interdisciplinary and partly competing) partners from industry, research and teaching (institutes of the RWTH, KIT, E.ON, TenneT, SIEMENS, ABB, and 17 other participants are involved).

The aim of ENSURE's research is to find the optimal mixture of central and decentralized supply, exploit new power electronic technologies (phase shifters, UPFCs, HVDC) and ICT technologies and develop cross-sectoral operational concepts (that consider electricity and gas networks), which enable a reliable and efficient energy supply with more than 80% share of renewable energy. More


ADMS - Advanced Distribution Management System

ADMS is a H2020 project with the goal of developing an Advanced Distribution Management System to monitoring and control MV and LV networks with high penetration of distributed generation, electrical vehicles and controllable loads. More


IDE4L -Ideal Grid for All

IDE4L is a European FP7 project aiming a developing the concept, the architecture and the applications of the new automation for active distribution grids. The underlying idea is to make the distribution grid friendly to distributed energy resources, reliable to the customers, fit for demand-response methods and a cooperative counterpart of Transmission System Operators and Aggregators. More