Doktoranden Fabian Erler


Dissertationen in 2017:

Mohsen Ferdowsi: Data-Driven Approaches for Monitoring of Distribution Grids

Dissertationen in 2016:

Timo Isermann: A Multi-Agent-based Component Control and Energy Management System for Electric Vehicles

Xiang Wu: New Approaches to Dynamic Equivalent of Active Distribution Network for Transient Analysis

Dissertationen in 2015:

Jing Wang: Design of Novel Control Algorithm of Power Converters for Distributed Generation

Kanali Togawa: Stochastics-based Methods Enabling Testing of Grid-related Algorithms through Simulation

Christoph Josef Molitor: Residential City Districts as Flexibility Resource: Analysis, Simulation and Decentralized Coordination Algorithms

Marco Cupelli: Advanced Control Methods for Robust Stability of MVDC Systems

Dissertationen in 2014:

Junjie Tang: Probabilistic Analysis and Stability Assessment for Power Systems with Integration of Wind Generation and Synchrophasor Measurement

Alexander Helmedag: System-Level Multi-Physics Power Hardware in the Loop Testing for Wind Energy Converters

Fei Ni: Applications of Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos in Electrical Systems

Dissertationen in 2013:

Weilin Li: Fault Detection and Protection in Medium Voltage DC Shipboard Power Systems

Andrea Benigni: Latency exploitation for parallelization of power system simulation

Junqi Liu: Measurement System and Technique for Future Active Distribution Grids