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Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Management

Team Leader: Gianluca Lipari

Research Focus: In modern energy infrastructures, the need for a joint analysis and design of the electrical power grid and control algorithms is a fundamental requirement. Moreover, it is critical to integrate both cyber and physical components of the system as well as to study and understand their interdependence and interactions. Finally, a trend for a stronger coupling of the electrical sector with other energy carries, like heating or cooling, in the building sector can be observed. The team Cyber-physical Energy Systems Management aims at supporting fundamental research and development in the area of Energy Management Systems in a growing, highly interconnected, renewable environment. In particular, the project and research work provide advanced algorithms to analyse buildings and their energy systems as part of the power grids and promote the development of novel algorithms and strategies for resource management, efficiency, sustainability, security and resilience of the cyber-physical energy systems.

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Campus Cluster Projects

Team Leader: Alexander Helmedag

Research Focus: As a result of the “Energiewende” and the change in the structure of the electrical power grid, the connection of different energy networks as well as the consideration of technologies from a broad area of research and science plays a key role. This is reflected in the numerous projects which – in the case of a large project size and a high number of project partners – are realized as university cluster projects. The Team Campus Cluster Projects coordinates such kind of projects and guarantees the scientific exchange within and in-between the relevant projects.

Projects of the Research Team


Energy System Optimization and Cloud Solutions

Team Leader: Michael Dierkerhof

Research Focus: The electrical energy grid is currently transforming from a demand driven to a supply driven network. The usage of flexibility on the demand side, in order to shift the operation of flexible devices in times of e.g. renewable energy generation is a promising approach to integrate highly volatile renewable generation units in the low and medium voltage network. The team Energy System Optimization and Cloud Solutions aims at research on algorithms and concepts for using flexibility on neighbourhood level in order to integrate decentralized generation units. In this sense, the team links knowledge both from energy and ICT related fields. We follow an open source cloud architecture philosophy in order to coordinate and integrate decentralized systems in neighborhood level. Thus, the team works within real field trials for testing and using cloud technology for energy management on neighbourhood level.

Projects of the Research Team


Large Software System Challenges

Team Leader: Stefan Lankes

Important factors for the further penetration of renewable energy are among other things the simulation of electrical networks to analyze their behavior and the cloud-based optimization of regulations for decentralized energy supply systems. For this, ever larger computer systems are needed, the maximum performance of which is only to be achieved by new scalable algorithms and an improved system software. The "Large Software System Challenges" team tackles these challenges and develops novel simulation concepts for energy systems as well as scalable system software for high-performance computing and cloud computing.

Projects of the Research Team


Power System Control

Team Leader: Marco Cupelli

The focus of the Team Control of Special Purpose Grids is to design innovative Control Solutions for non-public - private grids. Grid types which fall under this category are: isolated DC-Microgrids, Shipboard Power Systems, Industrial Grids, Data Centers, Offshore Windfarms and Railways Networks. A common denominator for these grids is that they are heavily power electronics driven. Therefore, they exhibit the dynamics and challenges which the public grid may face in the near future.

Projects of the Research Team


Power System Automation

Team Leader: Marco Pau

Research Focus: With the transition towards the Smart Grids and the growing penetration of Distributed Energy Resources in distribution systems, there is an increasing need of smart automation functionalities to support the management of our grids. The team Power System Automation focuses on the development of new solutions for the automation of modern power systems, with particular attention to active distribution networks. Our research activities include the design of the automation architecture, the definition of the needed measurement infrastructure and the development of new management and control algorithms, which can be tested and validated also with the support of real-time simulations.

Projects of the Research Team


Real Time Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL)

Team Leader: Robert Uhl

Research Focus: While in the past, power systems were mostly studied with classical off-line simulation, the modern trend is to go towards intermediate de-risking stages prior deployment, which means technology such as real-time HIL and PHIL. The Team Real Time Simulation and HiL aims at supporting fast prototyping of control and automation systems. In particular, the projects with the Team provide advanced real-time simulation tools and methods that can solve and study complex power systems.

Projects of the Research Team