Ongoing Theses

Topic Type of Thesis Author Supervisor
Small signal analysis for investigating slow interaction between power electronic elements in modern electrical power system Master Muhammad Shafiq Aysar Musa
Evaluation of a Swarm-Based Control Concept for Future Distribution Grids Master Ka-Ying Lee Stefan Dähling
Analysis and Runtime Optimization of Numerical Methods for Power System Simulations Bachelor Lennart Schumacher Lukas Razik
Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Converters in DC systems Master Martina Mariani Asimenia Korompili
Modelling of a hybrid AC-DC grid for validation of real-time network reconfiguration algorithm Master Michele Sambiagio

Alberto Dognini

Abhinav Sadu

Distributed Integer Optimization for Power Balancing Applications in City Districts Bachelor Sebastian Uelrich Sebastian Schwarz
Protection Selectivity in Low-Voltage DC Grids through additional Line Capacitance Master Meet Shah Wilbert Rey Tarnate
Distributed System-Level Control for Multi-Terminal DC Distribution Networks Master Miguel Berbegal Almohalla Asimenia Korompili
Evaluation of novel energy management concepts for EV chargers in future smart city infrastructure Master Ignacio Basallote Muñoz Milica Bogdanovic
Forecast and Optimization Methods: Implementation of domestic hot water consumption forecast and hot water production optimization Master Kehan Liu Igor Sowa
Control and Stability of Adaptive Synchroverter Master Deepak Deepak

Aysar Musa

Sriram Gurumurthy

Utilizing Multi-access Edge Computing for a District Level Energy Management Master Florian Peterssen Stephan Groß
Development of a method for palletizing of disordered, flexible parts with camera-based detection and robot-guided gripping Master Jan Nestler Prof. Antonello Monti
Development of a Dependency Analysis between Power System Simulation Components for their Parallel Processing Master Georg Reinke

Lukas Razik

Steffen Vogel

Markus Mirz

Data-driven nonlinear regression thermal model of electrical water heater Bachelor Ningyuan Chen Baptiste Feron
Control and Stability Analysis of DC Microgrids Considering Time-delays Master Xuan Zhang Marco Cupelli
Dependability analysis of cellular networks Bachelor Ramazan Kirik

Dhruvin Patel

Abhinav Sadu

Power control of virtual oscillator based inverters in grid-connected mode Master Prashanth Hebbal Prakash Trung Tran Thai