Ongoing Theses

Topic Type of Thesis Author Supervisor
Leveraging ensemble learning with AI-based forecasters to improve electrical load forecasting accuracy Master Oliver Weber Henning Wilms
Model Based Fault Diagnosis for DC Microgrids Master Liliuyuan Liang Ting Wang
Flipped Classroom: Construction of an Interactive Teaching Platform applied to an EECS Undergraduate Course Master Kaspar Laaser Steffen Vogel
Development of machine learning based forecasting methods for grid state estimation Bachelor Harmanvir Singh Gonca Gürses-Tran
Execution Time Prediction of GPU Applications Using Microarchitecture Analysis Master Bernd Rörick Niklas Eiling
Harmonic Stability Assessment and Design of Virtual Output Impedance Control for PV inverters in Futuristic Distribution Grids Master Sowmya Kanmontha Reddy

Sriram Gurumurthy

Tran Trung

Impact on Chilean Distribution Grid of Electical Vehicle Usage in Local Public Transportation Bachelor Christian Duwe Stephan Groß
Characterization of the electrical properties of the grid emulator at the Center for Wind Power Drives Bachelor Jens Sdun Jonas Bielemeier
Anica Frehn
Design and implementation of kernel-based data acquisition and native data processing algorithms on a single board computer based low cost PMU Master César Andrés Cazal Gianluca Lipari
Development of a Decentralized Agent System for Managing Electricity Usage within a Tenant Community Master Adnan Yaseen Padraic McKeever
Development of Coordinated Voltage Control in Distribution Grids considering Dynamic Phasor Simulations Master Junjie Zhang

Jan Dinkelbach

Edoardo De Din

Operation, Control Design and Stability Analysis of Offshore Multi-terminal Medium Voltage DC Grids Master Tanmay Kadam Sriram Gurumurthy
Data-Driven Method for Real-Time Voltage Control in Distribution Networks Master Alejandro Esteban Otero Lisette Cupelli
Multi-agent MPC protocols for microgrid energy management and optimization Master Pavel Elis Gonca Gürses-Tran
Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Digital Industrial Transducers Master Shashank Vookanti Carlo Guarnieri
Monitoring of dc network for electric vehicle applications Master Shilpa Shreeprakash Gaurav Kumar Roy
Analysis of a distributed Cloudplattform in a WAN Environment Bachelor Eva van Stiphoudt

Lukas Razik

Stefan Dähling

Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Analog Industrial Transducers Master Srinivas Kadali Carlo Guarnieri
Demand Side Management for Industrial consumers, considering a high share of Renewable Energies: A Techno-Economic Analysis Master Saurya Banerjee Ivelina Stoyanova
Implementation of advanced monitoring for hybrid ac-dc grid Master Wenxu Sun Gaurav Kumar Roy
Decentralized Platform for National Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Master Hristiyan Ivanov Stephan Groß
On the optimal level of microgrid resilience from an economic perspective Master Sammit Vartak Wilbert Rey Tarnate
Small signal analysis for investigating slow interaction between power electronic elements in modern electrical power system Master Muhammad Shafiq Aysar Musa
Evaluation of a Swarm-Based Control Concept for Future Distribution Grids Master Ka-Ying Lee Stefan Dähling
Analysis and Runtime Optimization of Numerical Methods for Power System Simulations Bachelor Lennart Schumacher Lukas Razik
Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Converters in DC systems Master Martina Mariani Asimenia Korompili
Modelling of a hybrid AC-DC grid for validation of real-time network reconfiguration algorithm Master Michele Sambiagio


Abhinav Sadu

Distributed Integer Optimization for Power Balancing Applications in City Districts Bachelor Sebastian Uelrich Sebastian Schwarz
Distributed System-Level Control for Multi-Terminal DC Distribution Networks Master Miguel Berbegal Almohalla Asimenia Korompili
Evaluation of novel energy management concepts for EV chargers in future smart city infrastructure Master Ignacio Basallote Muñoz Milica Bogdanovic
Utilizing Multi-access Edge Computing for a District Level Energy Management Master Florian Peterssen StephanGroß
Power control of virtual oscillator based inverters in grid-connected mode Master Prashanth Hebbal Prakash Trung Tran Thai