RESERVE/SOGNO Course on Challenges and solutions in Future Power Networks

A 5-day course has been held at EON.ERC addressing the main challenges when it comes to building future power networks with a high share of renewable energy sources and presenting the solutions developed within the European projects RESERVE - Renewables in a Stable Electric Grid- and SOGNO-Cost-Effective Automation Services to Enable Smart Distribution Grids. These challenges include issues such as frequency and voltage control, power system monitoring, cyber security and ICT aspects as well as the need for a set of new network codes and ancillary services. The course was divided into two parts: during the first two days focus sed on the challenges of the future power network that have to be faced by the industry and ICT professionals, while in the last three days the related technical insight were analysed more in detail, giving especially the doctoral students the possibility to deepen their knowledge by participating in workshops for all the linked topics.