Tobias Heins
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Tobias Heins


Lehrstuhl für Automation of Complex Power Systems

Team Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL


Gebäude: 4122

Raum: 02.13

Mathieustr. 30

52074 Aachen



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Tran, Trung Thai; Gurumurthy, Sriram Karthik; Tran, Minh-Quan; Nguyen-Huu, Thien-An; Heins, Tobias; Ponci, Ferdinanda; Monti, Antonello; Nguyen, Phuong H.; "Enhancing Performance of Andronov-Hopf Oscillator based-Grid Forming Converters in Microgrids with Non-invasive Online Impedance Estimation"; IEEE transactions on smart grid, 14, 4479-4493
Heins, Tobias; Joševski, Martina; Gurumurthy, Sriram Karthik; Monti, Antonello; "Centralized Model Predictive Control for Transient Frequency Control in Islanded Inverter-Based Microgrids"; IEEE transactions on power systems, 38, 2641-2652
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Heins, Tobias; Tran, Trung; Raisz, David Mark; Monti, Antonello; "Power Control of Andronov-Hopf Oscillator based Distributed Generation in Grid-connected Microgrids"; Advances in engineering research and application : proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Research and Applications, ICERA 2020 / Kai-Uwe Sattler, Duy Cuong Nguyen, Ngoc Pi Vu, Banh Tien Long, Horst Puta editors, 675-687