Dr. Ing.

Milica Bogdanovic



Dr.-Ing. Milica Bogdanovic was employed as a research associate at the Automation of Complex Power Systems Institute from November 2016 to August 2023. Following her project work in H2020 InterFlex, where she worked on model predictive control of microgrids, Ms. Milica Bogdanovic took over the position in ALigN project working on EMS systems for electric vehicles. In the InFIS project, she mainly worked on real-time simulation developments and supported PHiL test-benches of the respective partners.

During her time at ACS, Dr.-Ing, Milica Bogdanovic was responsible for the handling of the two seminars offered by the institute, where she was particularly involved in new, digital content and student support.

In the context of her dissertation, Ms. Milica Bogdanovic was working on analysis and developments of methodologies for partitioning of the distributed real-time simulations of distribution networks, and successfully defended her PhD thesis on 28.02.2023.