Sonja Happ


Sonja Happ worked at the ACS Institute since July 2015 until June 2022. Since April 2019, she served as team leader of the Simulation Infrastructure and HPC team. In September 2020, she successfully submitted her dissertation "A Scalable Simulation Method for Cyber-Physical Power Systems".


Focus of Work

  • HPC for simulation of complex energy systems
  • Integration and interfaces for research infrastructure
  • Interoperability of stakeholders in the energy sector

Work on research projects





Happ, Sonja; "A scalable simulation method for cyber-physical power systems"; E.ON Energy Research Center 85. Ausgabe : ACS, Automation of complex power systems
Happ, Sonja; Dähling, Stefan; Monti, Antonello; "Scalable assessment method for agent-based control in cyber-physical distribution grids"; IET Cyber-Physical Systems, 5, 283-291