Dynamic Grid Operation

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In the area of grid operations, ACS is proposing innovative solutions both in the area of monitoring and control.

In monitoring, ACS is leading the development of innovative Phasor Measurement Units and proposing new solutions for grid monitoring with focus on distribution systems.

In control, ACS is driving the development of distributed intelligent solutions and, in particular, agent based control for energy systems. Furthermore, ACS is also proposing significant contributions in the area of load management.


We're active in the following research areas in this field:

  • Fundamentals of Grid Dynamics
  • Network Stability
  • Hybrid DC/AC Networks
  • Grid Monitoring
  • Grid Automation
  • Demand Side Management / Demand Response
  • Integration of Renewables

The following research projects are a selection of projects within this research area:

Flexible Electrical Networks FEN Research Campus

ENSURE - New Energy Network Structures for the Energy Transition



ELSA - Energy Local Storage Advanced system

Certification Investigation of Wind Energy Converters

Energy System 2050