Loads on Drivetrain Components of Wind Turbine Generators

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Anica Frehn

Team Leader Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL


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The project is coordinated at the Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD) with the objective to analyze and reduce local stresses in the electro-mechanical drivetrain of wind turbine generators. The applicants strongly believe that adequately validated and thus reliable simulation models are the essential key to avoid design-related claims and to increase the availability and cost effectiveness of wind turbine generators. The major challenges of wind turbine generator concepts, such as extreme torque, complex load changes in all six degrees of freedom, permanently unsteady operation, an unbalanced ratio between global deformations and required local contact conditions and intense interactions across component interfaces are often insufficiently taken into account in existing simulation models. Within the scope of this project, the reliability of the developed simulation models is increased significantly through the validation by a full size research wind turbine generator. The crucial factor of this approach is the systematic and reproducible adjustment of various operating and loading conditions with comprehensive measurement instrumentation of the wind turbine generator under unique laboratory conditions.


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