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Next Generation IoT as part of Next Generation Internet (IoT-NGIN) is a research project with the aim to develop new concepts and technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). These concepts will then become the engine of the next generation internet.


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Jonathan Klimt

Team Simulation Infrastructure and HPC


+49 241 80-49711


  • IoT-NGIN will uncover a patterns-based meta-architecture that encompasses evolving, legacy, and future IoT architectures.
  • We want to optimizes IoT/M2M and 5G/MCM communication infrastructure. For this we want to extend the edge cloud paradigm by using secure-by-design micro-services.
  • User and self-aware autonomous IoT systems will be enabled based on privacy-preserving federated ML and ambient intelligence.
  • Research towards distributed IoT cybersecurity and privacy will be another focus. Examples are the use of self-sovereign identities and interconnected DLTs to implement meta-level digital twins.

The technologies newly developed in IoT-NGIN will be validated for more than 30 types of heterogeneous IoT devices, ranging from tiny resource constrained IoT sensors over intelligent devices such as autonomous buses, drones and robots to smart energy devices which play a major role in future's power grids.

The Project has started in October 2020 and has a duration of three years.

  Concept of the project

Our Role

ACS will play a major role in the IoT infrastructure technologies development.
We will also support the other tasks with our expertise in power grid technologies and system level software.
The ACS lab will be responsible for the validation of the smart grid use-cases.
For this, we will further extend our laboratory infrastructure to improve the development and validation of power-grid related IoT hardware and smart grid use cases.

IoT-NGIN is a cutting-edge EU H2020 project that builds on top of completed and currently running projects:

  • The finished project NRG5 provided insightful insides into the vPMU concept and a first prototype software. Furthermore, that project worked on the topic of integrating the vPMU into an edge cloud service to enable innovative new use cases that benefit from 5G technology.
  • The ongoing Edgeflex project pushes the development of the edgePMU further from an algorithm and communication perspective.
  • The high performance computing infrastructure developed in HermitCore will be one of the foundations for the IoT-NGIN edge-cloud infrastructure.
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 957246.