STandard AGents Environment (STAGE)


The main goal of the project STAGE is the realization of a decentralized control architecture that integrates Distributed Energy Resources in the energy management of low voltage grids using Multi-Agent System (MAS).

  Scheme Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

Outcome and general features

The main outcome of STAGE is a control platform for low voltage grids. Prime use is voltage control, but the platform must be open to accommodate fast and easy implementation of new functionalities and the integration of new energy resources. Hence, the platform itself must be independent from the nature of the Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and capable of autonomous reconfiguration.

Principle of operation

In the implementation, each DER is equipped with a controlling software agent. The agents provide voltage regulation services to the grid by negotiating among them to find the best way (DER operation) to react to a voltage violation. In addition, the agents provide services to the building using grid information to shift electrical loads (e.g. water heater, heat pumps, white goods) and/or supplies (e.g. Combined Heat and Power units) while guaranteeing thermal comfort and economic efficiency at all times.

This MAS is tested in real-time co-simulation of different platforms for buildings, the electrical grid and the MAS. A prospective field test is currently in the planning phase.

STAGE is an ACS-EBC cooperation research project. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd and the E.ON Innovation Centers for Distribution and Smart Homes.