BeFlexible - Boosting Engagement To Increase Flexibility


BeFlexible is a Horizon Europe project, which aims at increasing energy system flexibility, enhancing the cooperation among DSOs and TSOs and facilitating the participation of the energy-related actors through the validation and large-scale demonstration of tailored and tested cross-sectoral services and interoperable platforms for smart grids operation. The project will overcome the existing limitations by demonstrating the implementation of versatile solutions that enable grids to become adaptable to upcoming scenarios, boosting mechanisms that will provide benefits to all actors in the energy market (from market operators to final users), giving response to the customers’ needs.



Saloni Dhingra

Team Energy Flexibility Management and Optimization


+49 241 80-49588


  The four conceptual blocks of the project

BeFlexible is a four years’ project, started in September 2022, aiming at defining new cross-sectorial business models to increase flexibility while offering a broad catalogue of flexibility and cross-sector solutions for end-users. The project will include the design of a Grid Data and Business Network (GDBN) and the definition of the system architecture to ensure full data interoperability.

The project pursues the following main goals:

  • To design new cross-sectorial business models to increase flexibility.
  • To carry out cost-benefit analysis of flexibility options to ensure profitable business models and Scalability and Replicability.
  • To define, assess and understand regulatory alternatives.
  • To foster local flexibility platforms in the market domain and integrate DSO-TSO coordination platforms.
  • To generate a set of consumer-centric and grid-centric services.
  • To increase consumer engagement and acceptance of the proposed technologies.

The project consortium consists of 21 partners are from 8 countries, from industry and academia.

Role of the RWTH

RWTH will support the development of an overall architecture of DSO landscape including connection to a Grid Data and Business Network (GDBN), addressing the needs defined by projects’ DSOs. RWTH will also provide DSO grid service, (Congestion Management, Voltage Control and Grid Observability) together with different optimization algorithms to be tested in EV chargers. Finally, RWTH will support the integration of the services for the field trials.

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BeFlexible is funded by the European Union (grant agreement no. 101075438) under Horizon Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Actions.