ISGAN, Annex 6: Power T&D Systems, is an initiative of the International Energy Agency to promote solutions that enable power grids to maintain and improve the security, reliability and quality of electric power supply while facing challenges related to significant trends in the industry, like expanding electrification of the energy system to unserved areas, integration of large amounts of renewable energy sources and distributed generation, electrification of heat and transport, increased customer participation, replacing aging infrastructure and integration of emerging, real-time information technology systems. It works through knowledge sharing to facilitate the application of advanced technologies needed for power grids to contribute in the best way to the attainment of clean energy, climate goals and sustainable energy access to all.  


By focusing on power system-related challenges and solutions, annex 6 provides ISGAN with a discussion base for dedicated scientific input on technology, market or regulatory aspects of transmission and distribution systems. The work is based on collecting, integrating, synthesizing, and distributing information on Smart Grid technologies, practices, policies, and systems through discussion papers, webinars, papers and presentations at relevant seminars, conferences and workshops. The importance is to process this information and deliver important conclusion for the complete system.

Knowledge sharing is essential within annex 6 and experts come from the majority of ISGAN member countries and are a mix of system operators, regulators, academia, research institutes and major manufacturers of system components.