The main goal of the InterSTORE project consists in developing an innovative middleware that, while virtualizing storage technologies, will simplify their management and use from the point of view of the integration platform thanks to a technology agnostic approach.



Nithin Manuel

Team Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions


+49 241 80-49575


  InterSTORE Tools & Products adopted in each Use Case implemented in real life pilots and laboratory test bed

The middleware will facilitate the integration of storage, creating an independence from hardware solutions which are critical from customer perspectives to avoid vendor lock-in solutions. It will also facilitate its use from a monetization perspective, making sure that more investments in storage are enabled. The InterSTORE middleware will be released as a full open-source product integrating a set of already available standards and protocols in a coherent and advanced architecture. The new InterSTORE solution will be tested and validated in a laboratory environment with the goal to develop testing software to be adopted in the future for interoperability certification. The middleware solution will also be integrated both in open source and commercial platforms that will be applied in 4 real life demos to enhance the flexibility platforms and analyze the user acceptance and economic value of the new solution. Moreover, new and legacy systems will be taken into account. The main approach of InterSTORE will be validated in realistic and complementary pilots able to provide full coverage for nine identified use cases. Figure 1 shows the variety of considered scenarios and how they relate to the main outcomes of the project. The nine use cases will be described in detail to support the validation realized in laboratory and in real life demonstrations.

InterSTORE also has a strong focus towards impact. The solution will become part of existing commercial platforms ensuring that a real adoption will be deployed beyond the end of the project. The consortium will ensure that software maintenance will continue beyond the end of the project with the support of Linux Foundation Energy and that the work done will be considered by on-going standardization activities. SSH experts will perform an impact analysis to maximize the economic impact adopting innovative approaches to data monetization in the context of data spaces.