Distribution Grid Monitoring and Automation


Distribution grids are undergoing a major evolution due to growth of renewable energy sources and the increasing demand brought by electric heating and mobility. These changes call for the deployment of smart automation in order to guarantee the efficient, reliable and secure operation of the distribution system. The team “Distribution Grid Monitoring and Automation” covers different topics associated to the whole automation chain, spanning from measurement techniques to state estimation-based monitoring, from automation architectures and communication protocols to grid automation algorithms. Main research topics are:

  • Design of low-cost measurement instrumentation
  • Development of new state estimation approaches for distribution grid monitoring
  • Definition of automation requirements and architectures for hybrid ac/dc grids
  • Testing of automation schemes in software and/or hardware in the loop
  • Design of innovative algorithms for distribution grid management, such as voltage control, fault location and network reconfiguration
  • Design of innovative automation architectures for improved resiliency

Team Leader: Marco Pau


Research Projects of the Team


SOGNO – Service Oriented Grid for the Network Of the future

SOGNO is a H2020 European Project, which aims at developing a new concept of distribution grid management, based on the use of 5G communication, advanced deep learning techniques and cloud virtualization to provide the intelligence needed to control future smart grids as a service for distribution system operators. SOGNO solution will be demonstrated in different European field trials as well as in the ACS laboratory and in the RWTH Smart Campus grid. More