Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions


The team "Simulation Methods & Automation Software Solutions" focuses on the development of a cloud based framework for testing new power system automation systems. This framework consists of modular and reusable building blocks for real-time simulation experiments as well as the integration of automation algorithms and standard data models. In the context of real-time simulation, the team investigates new solver concepts to build a scalable and flexible simulator that bridges the gap between the classical power system modelling domains. 


Team Leader: Jan Dinkelbach


Research Projects of the Team


ERIGrid 2.0

ERIGrid 2.0 expands the research services and tools of the research infrastructure of the ERIGrid-1 project for validating smart energy networks with an electric backbone. More



I-NERGY is an H2020 European Project, which aims at delivering an energy-specific open modular framework for supporting AI-on-Demand in the energy sector (AI4 Energy), by capitalising on state-of-the-art AI, as well as IoT, semantics and data analytics technologies. I-NERGY will enable AI-based cross-sector multistakeholder analytic tools for integrated and optimised smart energy management, based on seamless data-information-knowledge exchange under respective sovereignty and regulatory principles. More