Energy Flexibility Management and Optimization


Team Leader: Gianluca Lipari


Research Projects of the Team



FLOW is a four-year project, started in July 2022, aiming to provide highly replicable and user-centric products, concepts and mechanisms for the needs of all actors involved in electric mobility, ranging from power distribution system operators, charging point operators, mobility service providers, infrastructure manufacturers to final users. This project is a joint initiative of 30 European partners, including companies, research organizations and associations from 9 different countries. More



Sustain2 is the second phase of the project Sustain, focused on robust optimization of district energy systems and the development of a city-district energy management system, as well as the development of a cloud demonstration platform for storing and visualizing large amounts of energy and building data. Sustain2 aims to validate the cloud platform and city-district energy management systems developed in phase one on the field. It is implemented in Bottrop, where administrative buildings are equipped with sensors in order to collect and analyze the data in the cloud, and trigger energy saving measures. More



MoMeWEC proposes a compact solution for large-scale electric vehicle (EV) charging based on modular multilevel converter (MMC) and inductive power transfer (IPT) charging technologies. More



Large-scale demonstrations of innovative network services through demand response, storage and small-scale distributed generation

CoordiNet is a H2020 European Project which will demonstrate how DSOs and TSOs shall coordinate to procure grid services reliably and efficiently. The large scale implementation of “TSO-DSO-Consumer” demonstrations involves market participants and end users. The complete value chain of TSO-DSO-market participants constitutes the backbone of the project in three demonstration macro-areas (Spain, Sweden, Greece), with ten demonstration pilots representing very different conditions of grid, climate, load and generation. More