Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics


Our team, Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics (EMSDA), deals with the topic of how energy flows can be cleverly controlled to achieve higher system efficiency. We are working on questions of how measurement data and control signals can be reliably and securely communicated, stored and processed in the context of the smart grid. For this purpose, we develop systems which can process and evaluate large amounts of data. We cover a wide range of IT topics, from the development of platforms for energy-related use cases to IT security, data and information models. As a research team with IT focus in the energy sector, we understand both research areas and create synergy effects within the digitalization of the energy sector.  


Team Leader: Zhiyu Pan


Research Projects of the Team


NFDI4Energy – National Research Data Infrastructure for the Interdisciplinary Energy System Research

The necessary transformation of energy systems towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions provides a plethora of new research challenges. New interconnections between different energy sectors, such as power, heat and mobility, increase the system's complexity. In this context, the digitalisation towards cyber-physical energy systems (CPES) alleviates change, and equally affects technical, social, and societal topics, as well as the mode of research in the CPES research community. More



The OneNet project will provide a seamless integration of all the actors in the electricity network across Europe for the optimization of the overall energy system and the creation of an open and fair market structure. More



CyberSEAS addresses the growing concern for guaranteeing business continuity across a complete energy supply chain in which cyber-security risks are increasing across a multitude of organisations and consumers, while easing the uptake of diverse and multiple energy sources and increasing the IT based interactions. More



PHOENIX is a H2020 EU project to boost the cyber security of the European Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES). The project advances the cyber-physical security via the collaborative detection of security and privacy incidents and attacks, guaranteeing reliability, increasing resiliency and minimising their cascading effects. More



BD4NRG envisions to confront big data management challenges for the energy sector, giving a competitive edge to the European stakeholders to improve decision making and at the same time to open new market opportunities. More


Blockchain Real Laboratory in the Rhineland Territory

The project is part of the Real Laboratory Strategy of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The aim is to promote and further develop digital innovations and the associated regulations in virtual and real test rooms in order to gain experience with innovative technologies under practical and real condi-tions. New technologies and business models that are only conditionally compatible with the existing legal and regulatory framework are to be tested in experiment rooms limited in time and space. More



Agent systems for intelligent and robust control of complex energy systems in non-residential buildings as part of the higher-level energy system. More


National 5G Energy Hub

Researchers in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and communications engineering are to pool their expertise for the large-scale research project “National 5G Energy Hub.” The project of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is scheduled to start on May 1, 2018, at RWTH Aachen University. More