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Title Author
Under voltage ride through tests on nacelle test benches equippedwith a power hardware in the loop setup Anica Frehn


Title Author
Semantic Interoperability as a Service for the Smart Energy System Maliheh Haghgoo
Machine learning techniques for time series forecasting in power systems operation Gonca Gürses-Tran
Towards model partitioning automation of distributed real-time power systems simulations of distribution networks Milica Bogdanovic
Automation architectures for hybrid ac-dc grid Roy Gaurav
Multi-Timescale Framework for the Voltage Control of Active Distribution Grids Edoardo de Din


Title Author
Towards resilient design of distribution grid automation and intended failures Abhinav Sadu
Cloud-based Multi-Agent Systems for Flexibility Management in Future Distribution Grids Stefan Dähling
Fault Detection and Isolation in DC Distribution Grids Ting Wang


Title Author
Advanced Hierarchical Control Structure for VOC-based DG in Multi-bus Microgrid under different grid dynamics and disturbances Trung Tran Thai
A Scalable Simulation Method for Cyber-Physical Power Systems Sonja Happ
Data-driven methods for voltage control in distribution networks: a bottom-up approach Lisette Cupelli
A Dynamic Phasor Real-Time Simulation Based Digital Twin for Power Systems Markus Mirz
Cooperative Energy Management and Cross-Domain Optimization for Electro-Thermal Devices at City-District and City-Level Ivelina Stoyanova
High-Performance Computing Methods in Large-Scale Power System Simulation Lukas Razik


Title Author
Uncertainty modeling for analysis and design of monitoring systems for dynamic electrical distribution grids Andrea Angioni
Grid Operation of HVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Farms: Power Quality and Switching Strategies Robert Ferdinand
Methodology for Holistic Evaluation of Building Energy Systems Under Dynamic Boundary Conditions Tim Schlösser
Advanced Control Strategies for Stability Enhancement of Future AC/DC Networks Aysar Musa


Title Author
Virtualization as an enabler for dynamic resource allocation in HPC Simon Pickartz
Centralized-decentralized Energy Management in Railway System Sara Khayyamim
Distributed Optimization for the Exploitation of Multi-Energy Flexibility under Uncertainty in City Districts Michael Diekerhof
An optimality assessment methodology for Home Energy Management System approaches based on uncertainty analysis Baptiste Feron
Modeling, Control and Hardware in the Loop in Medium Voltage DC Shipboard Power System Lin Zhu



Title Author
Data-Driven Approaches for Monitoring of Distribution Grids Mohsen Ferdowsi



Title Author
A Multi-Agent-based Component Control and Energy Management System for Electric Vehicles Timo Isermann
New Approaches to Dynamic Equivalent of Active Distribution Network for Transient Analysis Xiang Wu



Title Author
Design of Novel Control Algorithm of Power Converters for Distributed Generation Jing Wang
Stochastics-based Methods Enabling Testing of Grid-related Algorithms through Simulation Kanali Togawa
Residential City Districts as Flexibility Resource: Analysis, Simulation and Decentralized Coordination Algorithms Christoph Josef Molitor
Advanced Control Methods for Robust Stability of MVDC Systems Marco Cupelli



Title Author
Probabilistic Analysis and Stability Assessment for Power Systems with Integration of Wind Generation and Synchrophasor Measurement Junjie Tang
System-Level Multi-Physics Power Hardware in the Loop Testing for Wind Energy Converters Alexander Helmedag
Applications of Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos in Electrical Systems Fei Ni



Title Author
Fault Detection and Protection in Medium Voltage DC Shipboard Power Systems Weilin Li
Latency exploitation for parallelization of power system simulation Andrea Benigni
Measurement System and Technique for Future Active Distribution Grids Junqi Liu