Automation of Complex Power Systems

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The lecture ‘’Automation of Complex Power Systems’’ provides an introductory course of hot research topics in modern power systems. Through this course, students have a basic understanding of the technologies that are used to achieve monitoring, control, communication of complex power systems. The lecture covers the following aspects:

Introduction and Basic Principles

  • Review of fundamentals definitions of power systems

Control and Automation of Power Systems

  • Control functions
    • Frequency control
    • Voltage control
    • Power quality problems and solutions
  • Distributed renewable energies
    • Power electronic interface of renewable sources
    • Control structures for distributed energy sources
  • Measurements
    • State estimation
    • Monitoring system and PMUs
  • Control and automation of DC distribution grids
    • Control strategies of DC distribution grids
    • Protection of DC distribution grids

Converter Control Strategies

  • Microgrid concept
  • Synchronverter and virtual Inertia

Power Systems and Communications

  • Communication technologies and standards
  • Load management and demand response


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