Foundations of Computer Science 4


The course „Foundations of Computer Science 4“ (GI4) gives a deeper understanding of modern computer architectures, its system software and its low-level programming. Through this course the students learn the consequences of the software design and its implementation with respect to performance and security of the overall system. The course is divided into the following parts:


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Stefan Lankes

Academic Director / Team Simulation Infrastructure and HPC


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Low-level programming

  • Processor models
  • Intel 80x86: Register and memory models, command format, mnemonic
  • Data types, address space, addressing methods
  • Arithmetic & logical instructions, programm control
  • Implementation of high-level languages
  • Saturation of parellel der parallelen architectural improvements of the x86
  • Vectorization of code
  • Thread programming
  • Criteria for quantitative design of parallel systems

Assembler and assembly

  • Tasks
  • Mode of operation

Load, Linker

  • static/dynamic linking
  • Loading with/without memory management

Language processing​ and programming tools

  • Processing technologies
  • Compiler, lexical/syntactic analysis, code generation, optimization
  • Interpreter, programm generation
  • Source control