Notes on implementation


In WS2022/23, the internship will in all likelihood again take place as a face-to-face course. This will be supplemented by a weekly supervision offer online via Zoom video conference. This means in detail:

  • The introductory event will take place on 18.10. from 12:30 - 14:00. All further information can be found here. We encourage all students who would like to successfully complete the internship in the coming semester to attend the introductory event.
  • During the internship hours starting on 17.10. there will be a consultation (Tue, Thu and Fri. 09-12) about programming, installing the software or organizing the internship in the CIP-Pool of the IDS ( There you can ask a supervising person questions about your code.
  • Furthermore, we offer an online consultation on Zoom on Mondays from 09-12.

The dates for the Zoom session will be posted in the Teaching and Learning Room.

In addition to advising in the CIP pool, the forum here in RWTHMoodle can also be used for general questions about content and organization. Individual questions can be emailed to .

  • The 1.testat consists of a Moodle test and a testat in the CIP-Pool. You can participate in it when you are done with the 1.assignment block. Note that you can only take the ETest once and an ETest that has been started cannot be cancelled without a score. Use the sample test for testing. The Moodle test asks knowledge questions and requires you to paste given code into your program and enter the results it generates. To take the test in the CIP pool, you must take the Moodle test by 18:00 the day before and score at least 1 point. The entire test (Moodle and CIP-Pool) must be taken no later than the 7th week of the internship (from 28.11.). It is not possible to postpone the test after the 7th week of the internship. In the CIP pool, a supervising person will ask you questions about your code and you have to explain your implementation. You must also be able to show your code for this. The Moodle test score and the online test will be converted together into an internship score (0-3 points).
  • The 2.testat consists of a Moodle test and a testat in the CIP pool. You can take the Moodle test after evaluating the 1st test with at least 1 point as soon as you have completed the 2nd task block in programming. Prerequisite for taking the testat in the CIP pool is that you have taken the 2.Moodle test by 18:00 the day before and have scored at least 1 point. The 2.Testat (Moodle and CIP-Pool) must be taken at the latest in the last week of the internship (from 30.1.2022). The Moodle test score and the testate will each be converted into an internship score (0-3 points).
  • The testates will be administered in the CIP pool mentioned above, or online on Mondays via Zoom video conferencing. During testing weeks (48th week starting 11/28 and 5th week starting 1/30), we will set up registration via Moodle for testing times. Appropriate registration is required during these weeks. During the other weeks, test dates can be taken at any time during advising hours. Let us know at the beginning that you would like to take a testate.
  • Any Zoom sessions will be based on RWTH's Privacy Policy and Guidelines for Processing Your Personal Data, which can be downloaded at "". Please read these carefully. When you turn on your image, video, and/or audio in Zoom, you consent to the conversation being conducted via Zoom. While video release is not required for consultations, online testing via Zoom can only be conducted with a clear name and appropriate webcam and release, as identity must be clearly assigned. You will then need to identify yourself via bluecard at the start. If you do not have or cannot organize appropriate equipment, please contact us in good time so that we can find an alternative solution.