Acceptance and assessment of an assignment

The acceptance tests are partly carried out as Moodle tests and partly as a test in the CIP pool or Zoom video conference.

To confirm "successful participation in the internship", the acceptance of the individual task blocks is required. The acceptance takes place at the latest on the completion date of the respective task block, or earlier if desired. During the acceptance test, the participant performs the program of the corresponding task block. The following points are included in the evaluation:

  • Correct implementation of the program
  • Structure and commenting of the source code
  • Answering comprehension questions and questions about the implementation of the task in order to check whether the task was solved independently.

The evaluation is based on the following scheme:

3 points: Correct implementation; good commentary; good explanation of the source code; any small errors that may exist can be corrected immediately

2 points: Small errors in implementation; explanation of source code is satisfactory; problems with immediate correction of errors

1 point: Gross deficiencies in implementation and/or explanation; the concept for solving the task is correct and understood

0 points: Insufficient knowledge to solve the task block, solution does not correspond to the current task or task blocks do not build on each other


  • for the first task block, a joint evaluation from the ETest and the testate
  • for the second task block, separate evaluations for the E-test and the testat

are formed. A total of 9 points can therefore be achieved.


The following criteria must be met in order to pass the practical.

  • at least 1 point must be achieved in each acceptance test
  • total score >= 6

Attempts to cheat

An attempt at deception is considered to have been made if a solution is presented at a test that obviously does not correspond to the actual task, or if the individual task blocks do not build on each other, or if the solution is substantially the same as one published on the Internet. In this case, the entire internship will be considered failed.