Seminars: Automation of Complex Power Systems


The institute offers two seminars: "Grid Dynamics, Monitoring and Control" (offered in winter and summer semester) and "ICT for Energy" (offered in the summer semester). Students have the opportunity to learn more on scientific writing, presenting, teamwork and research in general.

The first two lectures given by Prof. Ponci are a kick-off lecture and a lecture about technical writing and presentation techniques.

Students are allocated in groups with dedicated macro-topics (materials about macro-topics are given to the group of students). In four interactive sessions with experienced moderators, students define their own micro-topic under umbrella of the macro-topic and prepare a final presentation with other team members and their own scientific elaboration in form of a paper/final report.

The report is in a written form so students have opportunity to improve their writing skills, and on the other hand, the students develop presentation skills and team spirit through making the final presentation.



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