Simulation Infrastructure and HPC


The team "Simulation Infrastructure and HPC" works on innovative solutions for the efficient use of simulation infrastructure (high performance computers, digital real-time simulators) as well as their coupling and deployment through appropriate hardware and software interfaces. Acceleration methods for (real-time) simulation of electrical grids and sector-coupling energy systems are researched. Furthermore, the team addresses the development of underlying system software with a focus on scalability and performance.


Team Leader: Sonja Happ

Research projects of the team


Open Theses

Topic and Description Type of Thesis Language Contact

Using Hardware Accelerators (GPUs/FPGAs) for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Master en/de Niklas Eiling
Optimization of libiec61850, an open source implementation of IEC61850 Bachelor/Master en/de Manuel Pitz
Erweiterungen des Unikernels HermitCore für HPC- und/oder Cloud-Systeme Bachelor/Master en/de Stefan Lankes