Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions


The team "Simulation Methods & Automation Software Solutions" focuses on the development of a cloud based framework for testing new power system automation systems. This framework consists of modular and reusable building blocks for real-time simulation experiments as well as the integration of automation algorithms and standard data models. In the context of real-time simulation, the team investigates new solver concepts to build a scalable and flexible simulator that bridges the gap between the classical power system modelling domains. 


Team Leader: Markus Mirz

Research projects of the team

Topic and Description Type of Thesis Language Contact
An interactive real-time simulation platform for power system dynamics


or HiWi


Jan Dinkelbach

Amir Ahmadifar

Modelling of the transmission of temporary events in transmission and distribution networks Master en/de

Jan Dinkelbach

Markus Mirz

Assessment of Power System Solvers for Transient Simulations with Nonlinear Components Bachelor/Master en/de Jan Dinkelbach
Transient Stability Analysis of Modern Power Systems using Dynamic Phasors Bachelor/Master en/de Jan Dinkelbach

Development of a Dynamic Phasor Solver for Real-Time Simulation

Bachelor/Master en/de Markus Mirz