Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics


Our team, Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics (EMSDA), deals with the topic of how energy flows can be cleverly controlled to achieve higher system efficiency. We are working on questions of how measurement data and control signals can be reliably and securely communicated, stored and processed in the context of the smart grid. For this purpose, we develop systems which can process and evaluate large amounts of data. We cover a wide range of IT topics, from the development of platforms for energy-related use cases to IT security, data and information models. As a research team with IT focus in the energy sector, we understand both research areas and create synergy effects within the digitalization of the energy sector.  


Team Leader: Stefan Dähling

Research projects of the team

Topic and Description Type of Thesis Language Contact
Detecting False Data Injection Attacks through Advanced Stochastic Analysis Methods and Machine Learning Master en/de Hendrik Flamme
Sebastian Schwarz
Develop Common Ontology Integrated Standard Schema to Support Big Data Interoperability Master en/de Zhiyu Pan
Conceptualization and Modeling of Coordinated Attacks Based on Multilevel Decision Logic on Smart Grids Master en/de Hendrik Flamme
Implementation of a Cloud-based Service Powered by Semantic Web to Support IoT Interoperability Master en Maliheh Haghgoo
Event Correlation and Attack Simulation in the context of Power System cyber security Master en/de Hendrik Flamme