Completed Bachelor Theses

Topic/Abstract Author Supervisor
Effects of Battery Degradation Models for Power Balancing Applications in City Districts Imen Doggui, 2023 Sebastian Uerlich
Extension of the prediction model of a model predictive control using neural networks Eric Kortemeier, 2022 Tobias Heins
Analysis of distributed optimization algorithms for non-convex demand response applications in local energy systems Christian Vossel, 2022 Sebastian Schwarz
Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Time-Series Analysis in Building Energy Systems based on Key Performance Indicators David Pohlmann, 2022

Gonca Gürses-Tran

Laura Meier (EBC)

Distributed model predictive control of building energy systems Alexander Demich, 2022 Stefan Dähling
Development of a wireless measurement system for monitoring skin temperatures for comfort measurements Tareq Mhisen, 2022 Manuel Pitz
Orchestrating custom unikernel instances in Kubernetes: Evaluation and adaption of current container technologies Jonas Schroeder, 2021 Stefan Lankes
Consensus Algorithm implementation on the distributed monitoring and automation of Power Systems Hamila Roua, 2021 César Andrés Cazal
Porting and evaluation of a virualized unikernel on RISC-V Simon Schöning, 2021 Stefan Lankes
Integration of non-blocking IO-Operations into a library-OS with support for asynchronous programming Philipp Mathis Jungkamp, 2021 Stefan Lankes
Jitter characterizon of a Raspberry Pi based data acquisition system Till Herz, 2021 Carlo Guarnieri
Blockchain-based services for identity management and data provision for distributed grid monitoring and automation Simon Maximilian Piazolo, 2021 César Andrés Cazal
Evaluation of microVMs for Library Operating Systems Yu Duan, 2021 Stefan Lankes
Development of an evaluation procedure of AI-based algorithms for information extraction from complex energy systems in smart buildings Justus Herden, 2021 Zhiyu Pan
GPU support for a Rust-based unikernel Carl Philipp Fensch, 2021 Niklas Eiling,
Jonathan Klimt
Investigation of Microcontroller Programming Methods with a Focus on the USB Interface David Meier, 2021 Jonathan Klimt
Development of a Network Interface for Smart Transformers Ahmed Mohamed Elashouti, 2021 Jonathan Klimt
Design of a data-based inline quality control system for cross-phase plastic injection molding Jannis Kaiser, 2021 Anica Frehn
Analytical study of a thermal Model Predictive Control regarding the conflict between energy efficiency and computing time in an electric vehicle Antoni Chajan, 2021 Ivelina Stoyanova
Optimization and Energy Management for Public Buildings in a Real-World Environment Leon Babic, 2021 Ivelina Stoyanova
Evaluation of the FTDI4222H chip as an inteface to the analogue to digital converter in a low-cost phasor measurement device Vincent Bareiß, 2021 Manuel Pitz
Solving Differential Equations in Large-scale Simulations of Electrical Systems: Benchmarking Python and Julia Laeticia Evertz, 2021 Felix Wege
Investigation of the influence of the grid impedance at the wind turbine’s connection point on its electrical properties Markus Ohligschläger, 2021 Anica Frehn
Development of Smartphone App to Display CO2 Traffic Light Alert Liu Huixu, 2021 Padraic McKeever
Development of a cost-optimized wallbox control software Andreas Heinrich, 2021 Erdem Gümrükcü
Interpretable Machine Learning for Short-term Load Forecasting Tobias Alexander Körner, 2021 Gonca Gürses-Tran
Development of a modular, microcontroller-based multisensor system for indoor air quality measurements Alexander Güntgen, 2021 Tobias Burgholz,
Carlo Guarnieri
Towards Multi-Step Attack Detection using Bayesian Networks Gia Huy Truong, 2021 Hendrik Flamme,
Chijioke Eze
Design of Grid-Forming Control Strategies for Islanded Inverter-Based Microgrids Paul Funk, 2021 Martina Josevski
Optimizing an LSTM-Convolutional Model for Categorizing Data Point Labels from Building Automation Systems using a Uniform Meta Data Scheme Kai Krieger, 2021 Florian Stinner,
Zhiyu Pan
Development of an Internet of Things Multi-Sensor for Indoor Air Quality Measurement in Building Automation and Control Systems Eslam Ibrahim, 2021 Carlo Guarnieri
Benchmarking of Embedded Concurrency Frameworks Kai Torben Volkernborn, 2021 Jonathan Klimt
Analysis of Grid Transients for Simulation of Distributed Generation using Dynamic Phasors Ruben Sander, 2021 Jan Dinkelbach,
Markus Mirz
Implementation and Analysis of RDMA-based GPU Virtualization Laura Fuentes Grau, 2021 Niklas Eiling
Identifying flexibility potential on distribution grid level considering the smart meter rollout in Germany Yanic Vehring, 2021 Stephan Groß
Analysis and development of a temperature control loop for laser-assisted tape placement using a piece-flow concept Marcel Nalborczyk, 2021 Martina Josevski
Performance Evaluation of Supervised Machine Learning Methods for Network Intrusion Detection Niklas Mika, 2021 Hendrik Flamme,
Chijioke Eze
Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods for Anomaly-Based Network Intrusion Detection Laura Kindelan Lohse, 2021 Hendrik Flamme,
Chijioke Eze
Steady state modelling of the solid state transformer for power flow studies in distribution grids Nick Uhlig, 2020 Charukeshi Joglekar
Critical comparison of two-phase voltage dips turbines in LVRT tests between field and test bench Felix Grothaus, 2020 Anica Frehn

Design and Evaluation of a FIWARE-Based IoT Platform in Smart Energy Systems

Jonas Dicke, 2020 Maliheh Haghgoo
Testing the grid-forming operation of wind turbines on a system level test bench Alon Joel Böttcher, 2020 Anica Frehn
Evaluation of the potential use of the potential use of WebAssembly for the development of system software Wissem Benjeddou, 2020 Stefan Lankes
Comparative evaluation of the short-circuit current behavior of wind turbines in LVRT tests between field and test bench measurements Joel Meyer Espinoza, 2020 Anica Frehn
Sensitivity of Synchronisation Mechanisms to the Memory Hierarchy Benjamin Habermann, 2020 Stefan Lankes
Concurrency Techniques and Hardware Abstraction Layer Concepts for Embedded Systems in Rust Martin Werner Kröning, 2020 Johathan Klimt
Modeling, Simulation and Data Management for Electro-mobility Aytug Yavuzer, 2020 Erdem Gümrükcü
Analysis of data-driven Volume Flow Sensor Models Felix Gallenmüller, 2020

Erik Brümmendorf, Florian Stinner, Hendrik Flamme

Runtime Analysis and Optimization of a Power Systems Simulator Tom Krippes, 2019 Lukas Razik,
Jan Dinkelbach
Development and optimization of a Rust based unikernel for AARCH64 Leonard Rapp, 2019 Stefan Lankes
Analysis and optimization of real-time behavior of existing systems software Kevin Polaczek, 2019 Stefan Lankes
Characterization of the electrical properties of the grid emulator at the Center for Wind Power Drives Jens Sdun, 2019 Jonas Bielemeier,
Anica Frehn
Analysis of a distributed Cloudplatform in a WAN Environment Eva van Stiphoudt, 2019

Lukas Razik,
Stefan Dähling

Development of machine learning based forecasting methods for grid state estimation Harmanvir Singh, 2019 Gonca Gürses-Tran
Impact on Chilean Distribution Grid of Electical Vehicle Usage in Local Public Transportation Christian Duwe, 2019 Stephan Groß
Distributed Integer Optimization for Power Balancing Applications in City Districts Sebastian Uerlich, 2019 Sebastian Schwarz
Analysis and Runtime Optimization of Numerical Methods for Power System Simulations Lennart Schumacher, 2019 Lukas Razik
Data-driven nonlinear regression thermal model of electrical water heater Ningyuan Chen, 2019 Baptiste Feron
Prototyping of a development board research on IoT-enabled components in building automation systems Bruno Papaj, 2018 Markus Schraven
Dependability analysis of cellular networks Ramazan Kirik, 2018

Dhruvin Patel

Abhinav Sadu

Implementation of the support for the Xen-Hypervisor in the Unikernel HermitCore Jan-Henrik Martens, 2018 Stefan Lankes
Development of a Scalable Service Registry for Multi-Agent Systems in the Cloud Paul Maximilian Weinmann, 2018 Stefan Dähling, Lukas Razik
Implementation and Analysis of a Rust-based Hypervisor for the Unikernel HermitCore Alexander Belke, 2018 Stefan Lankes
Analysis of Implementations of Scalable and Flexible Statistics Aggregation in the Cloud Alexander Geiger, 2018 Lukas Razik
Performance analysis of Pareto optimization for smart cities Max Klabunde, 2018 Ivelina Stoyanova
Designing an Interactive Demonstrator for Energy Management Systems in Smart City Districts Simon Moritz, 2018 Stephan Groß
Power Peak Shaving with Battery Storage for Commercial Buildings Marc Frohnhofen, 2018 Stephan Groß
Transport layer security for Internet of Things devices to cloud server communication Julius Rakow, 2018 Baptiste Feron
Visualisation and analysis of load and coverage of the WLAN of the RWTH Aachen University Nikolas Schmitz, 2018 Stefan Lankes
Home Energy Management System based on RTP tariff Lucía Gayo Martín, 2018 Baptiste Feron
Assessment Approach of Optimization Method for HEMS based on TOU Tariff Margarita del Castillo Sancho, 2018 Baptiste Feron
Balancing the Workload of Compute Clusters in Distributed Multi-Agent System Simulations Felix Wege, 2017 Sonja Kolen
Integration of I/O devices into a Hypervisor for the Unikernel HermitCore Tim van de Kamp, 2017 Stefan Lankes
Comparative Analysis of Hardware and Software RAID Systems Carsten Fuhrmann, 2017 Lukas Razik
State-of-the-art threading support in C++ Christian Geldermann, 2017 Matthias Müller
Extension of the Funtional Mock-up Interface Library Tobias Pankert, 2017 Sonja Kolen
Resilient implementation of power grid automation functionalities on a distributed loT platform Lukas Ostendorf, 2017 Abhinav Sadu
Runtime Analysis of Python Programs regarding High-Performance Computing Steve Desire Fotso Foualeng, 2017 Lukas Razik
Identification of future critical grid conditions and possibilities of wind turbines to compensate grid congestions Lisa Reinemann, 2017 Anica Berthold
Design and Evaluation of a Fault Tolerance Concept for Virtual Clusters Kaspar Laaser, 2017 Simon Pickartz
Modernization of the central XMPP/Jabber-Server at RWTH Aachen University Philipp Hübner, 2017 Stefan Lankes
Runtime Analysis of Python Programs Sebastian Kaster, 2017 Lukas Razik
Analysis of Blockchain Applications for Energy Management Ahmed Chahbaz, 2017 Stephan Groß
Analysis on efficient flexibility cluster methods for aggregation service providers Christian Perau, 2017 Michael Diekerhof
Implementation of a robust, distributed multi agent energy management system Artur Niederfahrenhorst, 2016 Baptiste Feron
Monitoring of the Message Exchange within Energy Market Ka-Ying Lee, 2016 Stefan Lankes
Analysis of a Large-Scale Multi-Agent System Simulation Framework Marvin Lachmuth, 2016 Sonja Kolen
Implementation and Evaluation of Fault Tolerance Mechanisms for MPI Applications Moritz Eilfort, 2016 Simon Pickartz
Design of an optimization algorithm for smart scheduling of heat pumps Jochen Cremer, 2016 Marco Pau
Implementation of a Light-weight Software Layer for Inter-process Communication Thorsten Born, 2016 Simon Pickartz
Function development for an hardware-based electric vehicle multi-agent energy management system Julian Kamps, 2016 Timo Isermann
Design and Implementation of a virtual IP-Interface for the Unikernel HermitCore Erik Stefan Ottlik, 2016 Stefan Lankes
Implementation af an IEC-61850 compatible control Unit for substation Automation Georg Reinke, 2016 Markus Mirz
Analysis of Accelerators in Virtualized Environments Seyit Halil Hamurcu, 2016 Simon Pickartz
Assessment of improved electrical power forecasts and portfolio effects with regards to imbalence costs on windfarms in the United Kingdom Rubhika Venkhatraman Raya Stephan Groß
Intraday load forecast of smart homes using disaggregated data and neural networks Christopher David Stephan Groß
Demand Response under Uncertainty: customer vs. system-level objectives Florian Peterssen Michael Diekerhof
Design of an Interface for Inter-VM MPI Communication over Shared Memory Jonas Baude Simon Pickartz
Risk Analysis for Demand Response Concepts under Uncertainty Florian Martin Michael Diekerhof
Designing a Software Platform to apply and analyze a Multi Agent System Based Approach to Low Power Sensor Networks Kevin Martin Läufer Stefan Lankes
Design and Implementation of a low power platform for a Multi Agent based Wireless Sensor Network Daniel Krebs Stefan Lankes
Design and Implementation of an Optimized Migration Strategy for KVM using Memory Ballooning Tim Ohliger Simon Pickartz
Analysis and Evaluation of Virtualization Technologies with Respect to their Application in HPC Felix Duong Simon Pickartz
Analysis and Design of Container-based Migration Techniques in HPC Environments Niklas Eiling Simon Pickartz
Design and Implementation of a Raspberry Pi-based Measuring Platform with OPC UA Integration Philipp Blanke unknown
Modeling of Demand Response Concepts under Power Flow Constraints Dominik Alexander Lukas Mildt Michael Diekerhof
Distributed Optimization Algorithms for Smart City Applications Sebastian Schwarz Michael Diekerhof
Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Printing Stack for the Open-Source ReactOS Operating System Analyse Colin Finck Stefan Lankes
Design of a concept for porting of MATLAB applications to a DSP cluster Lukas Hönninghausen Stefan Lankes
Optimization Algorithms for Demand Response Applications under Uncertaintyit Philip Elspas Michael Diekerhof
Analysis and modeling of load management potential in mixed-use areas Sebastian Hecker Michael Diekerhof
Flexibility Metric for Residential Building Energy Systems for the purpose of Decentralized Clustering Annika Christina Wierichs Christoph Molitor
Abfrage von Infos für die Re-Akkreditierung des Master-Studienganges Elektrotechnik Christian Winter Marco Cupelli
Abfrage von Infos für die Re-Akkreditierung des Master-Studienganges Elektrotechnik Lars Wagner Christioph Molitor
Entwicklung eines modernen Automatisierungssystems für Produktionsprozesse zur Verbesserung der Energieeffizienz in der Motorenproduktion durch den EInsatz von PROFIenergie Felix Wolfgang Wenzel, 2015 Marija Stevic
Implementierung eines Automatisierungssystems für Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Schnittstellen Dirk Berges, 2012 Andrea Benigni
Entwicklung eines Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Teststandes für PV-Wechselrichter Jakob Zeitz, 2012 Christoph Molitor
Gegenüberstellung der Modellierung von elektrischen Verteilnetzen in Neplan und SimulationX Alexander Gaytandjiev, 2011 Alexander Helmedag
Automatische Generierung von Zustandsgleichungen für die Simulation von Energiesystemen Stefanie Vorkampf, 2011 Andrea Benigni
Entwicklung einer Toolbox zur Generierung elektrischer Lastprofile durch statistische Methoden und Smart-Meter-Daten Sebastian Bolte, 2011 Christoph Molitor
Automations- und Sicherheitskonzept für einen Echtzeit Netzemulator Jan Riedel, 2011 Alexander Helmedag
Optimierung der Leistungsaufteilung in auf Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB) basierten Energiesystemen Eiko Krüger, 2011 Junqi Liu
Adaptive Droop-Regelung für Microgrid Kevin Pasch, 2011 Junqi Liu
Interactions and Effects of Control Methods, Converter Types and Load Models in Cascaded DC Distribution Systems Christian Winter, 2014 Marco Cupelli