Ongoing Theses

Topic Type of Thesis Autor Supervisor
Identifying flexibility potential on distribution grid level considering the smart meter rollout in Germany Bachelor Yanic Vehring Stephan Groß
Design and Evaluation of Semantic Interface for IoI Devices based on NGSI-LD Master Liu Bang Maliheh Haghgoo
Demand side management through model-based optimization of storage, distribution and consumption within a commercial building area under uncertainty Master Rayen Jallouli Sebastian Schwarz
Optimal Scheduling of Energy Storage Systems for distrubution grids and its interaction with Real-Time Voltage Control Master Fabian Bigalke Edoardo De Din
Comparative analysis of AOT and JIT compiled programs Master Yanfeng Lin Lukas Razik
Analytical Performance evaluation and Model Validation of Multipath TCP in Edge Computing-Enabled 5G Networks Master Philipp Bruhn Dhruvin Patel
Power Dispatching Controller for an Andronov-Hopf based Virtual Oscillator in Grid-connected Multi-bus Mircrogrids Master Tobias Heins Trung Tran Thai
Implementation and Analysis of Virtio-net for a Rust-based Unikernel Master Frederik Lukas Schulz Stefan Lankes
Design and Evaluation of XMPP based on IEC 61850 for Smart Grid Application Master Yifeng Shen Maliheh Haghgoo
Cloud-based Data Analysis for Predictive Energy Management in Battery Electric Vehicle Master Payam Fatehi Karjou Erdem Gümrükcü
Design and Evaluation of a Semantic Gateway as a Service for the IoT Interoperability Master Konstantinos Theodorou Maliheh Haghgoo
Testing the grid-forming operation of wind turbines on a system level test bench Bachelor Alon Joel Böttcher Anica Frehn
Critical comparison of two-phase voltage dips turbines in LVRT tests between field and test bench Bachelor Felix Grothaus Anica Frehn
Comparative evaluation of the short-circuit current behavior of wind turbines in LVRT tests between field and test bench measurements Bachelor Joel Meyer Espinoza Anica Frehn
Development of a procedure for thermagraphie reconstruction of indoor spaces through sensor fusion of a thermal imaging dtector and a depht sensor Master Elfi Fertl Paul Seiwert
Design and evaluation of a web interface for Linked Data Platform Master Yanrui Wang Maliheh Haghgoo
Investigation on Fault Location Algorithms For DC Distribution Networks by Means of Real-Time Simulation Master Yinrang Feng Ting Wang
Diagnosis of Sensor Faults in Complex Power Systems Master Botao Zhao Ting Wang
Concurrency Techniques and Hardware Abstraction Layer Concepts for Embedded Systems in Rust Bachelor Martin Werner Kröning Johnathan Klimt
Probabilistische Kurzfrist-Vorhersage von Verteilnetzlastprofilen mittels eines Machine-learning Modells Master Megha Shyam Golla Gonca Gürses-Tran
Design and Evaluation of a FIWARE-Based IoT Platform in Smart Energy Systems Bachelor Jonas Dicke Maliheh Haghgoo
Design und Implementierung der Unterstützung virtueller Dateisysteme in einem Rust basierten Unikernel Master Thomas Lambertz Stefan Lankes
Leistungsbewertung der 5G Cloud-Architektur im Hinblick auf Smart Grid Anwendungen Master Felix Maier

Stefan Lankes;
Dr. Fiona Williams (Ericsson Eurolab GmbH)

Entwicklung und Implementierung eines virtualisierten und modularen Motorinverter-Controllers Master Michael Heinrichs Stefan Lankes
Evaluierung der Einsatzmöglichkeiten von WebAssembly für die systemnahe Software-Entwicklung Bachelor Wissem Benjeddou Stefan Lankes
Fehlerdiagnose in Gleichstrom-Verteilnetzen mittels Machine Learning Master Yingshui Tan Ting Wang
Smart Grids, Smart Homes, Smart Überall - Grenzen des Managements komplexer soziotechnischer Systeme Master Mohit Rajiv Dave

Prof. Ferdinanda Ponci,
Dr. rer. soc. oec. Reinhard Madlener

Energetische Regelung von Gebäudezonen mit Reinforcement Learning Master Antonius Prasetyo Gonca Gürses-Tran
Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Digital Industrial Transducers Master Shashank Vookanti Carlo Guarnieri
Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Analog Industrial Transducers Master Srinivas Kadali Carlo Guarnieri