Ongoing Theses

Topic Type of Thesis Author Supervisor
Design of a data-based inline quality control system for cross-phase plastic injection molding Bachelor Jannis Kaiser Anica Frehn
Analysis of Distributed Optimization Applications for Local Energy Systems Considering Low Voltage Grid Constraints Master Ming Cheng Sebastian Schwarz
Development of a Network Bachelor Ahmed Mohamed Elashouti Jonathan Klimt
Evaluation of microVMs for Libaray Operating Systems Bachelor Yu Duan Stefan Lankes
Integration of non-blocking IO-Operations into a library-OS with support for asynchronous programming Bachelor Philipp Mathis Jungkamp Stefan Lankes
Porting and evaluation of a virualized unikernel on RISC-V Bachelor Simon Schöning Stefan Lankes
Predictive Maintenance of Power System Assets via Deep Generative Models Master Sairam Mallapu Srinivasulu Chijioke Eze
Exploration and definition of the boundary conditions of cloudbased control systems using the virtual test bench ViTES Master Mario Schaar Thomas Storek
Stefan Dähling
Modellierung der synthetischen Netznachbildung am Prüfstand für Windenergieanlagen Master Jens Sdun Anica Frehn
Development of a modular, microcontroller-based multisensor system for indoor air quality measurements Bachelor Alexander Güntgen Tobias Burgholz
Carlo Guarnieri
Active Disturbance Rejection Control: Application in voltage regulation of DC/DC converters Master Pankaj Paresh Walvekar Asimenia Korompili
Blockchain-based services for identity management and data provision for distributed grid monitoring and automation Bachelor Simon Maximilian Piazolo César Andrés Cazal
Consensus Algorithm implementation on the distributed monitoring and automation of Power Systems Master Hamila Roua César Andrés Cazal
Orcehstrating custom unikernel instances in Kubernetes: Evaluation and adaption of current container technologies Bachelor Jonas Schroeder Stefan Lankes
Power System Modeling for Simulation of Grid Dynamics using Shifted Frequency Analysis Master Martin Moraga Jan Dinkelbach
Analytical study of a thermal Model Predictive Control regarding the conflict between energy efficiency and computing time in an electric vehicle Bachelor Antoni Chajan Ivelina Stoyanova
Field-Programmable Gate Array based Real-Time Control and Simulation Master Hatim Abizer Kanchwala Steffen Vogel
Towards Multi-Step Attack Detection using Bayesian Networks Bachelor Gia Huy Trung Hendrik Flamme
Chijioke Eze
Optimization and Energy Management for Public Buildings in a Real-World Environment Bachelor Leon Babic Ivelina Stoyanova
GPU support for a Rust-based unikernel Bachelor Carl Philipp Fensch Niklas Eiling
Jonathan Klimt
Investigation of Microcontroller Programming Methods with a Focus on the USB Interface Bachelor David Meier Jonathan Klimt
Investigation of the influence of the grid impedance at the wind turbine’s connection point on its electrical properties Bachelor Markus Ohligschläger Anica Frehn
Development of Smartphone App to Display CO2 Traffic Light Alert Bachelor Liu Huixu Padraic McKeever
Design and Simulative Validation of a Sensorfusion algorithm for State estimation of a fully autonomous Diving Robot Master Fabio König Carlo Guarnieri
Coordination of Traffic Entities in Driving Scenarios using Model Predictive Control for Testing of Automated Vehicles Master Tammo Wittrock Martina Josevski
Hendrik Weber
Development of a cost-optimized wallbox control software Bachelor Andreas Heinrich Erdem Gümrükcü
Evaluation of the FTDI4222H chip as an inteface to the analogue to digital converter in a low-cost phasor measurement device Bachelor Vincent Bareiß Manuel Pitz
Jitter characterizon of a Raspberry Pi based data acquisition system Bachelor Till Herz Carlo Guarnieri
An Extension of Petri Net for Multi-Step Attack Detection in Power Systems Master Jin Wang Hendrik Flamme
Chijioke Eze
Solving Differential Equations in Large-scale Simulations of Electrical Systems: Benchmarking Python and Julia Bachelor Laeticia Evertz Felix Wege
Optimal Energy Management for Solar Powered Workplace Charging Station Master Yiwen Pan Erdem Gümrükcü
Active Disturbance Rejection Control Master Irtaza Waheed Asimenia Korompili
Feature extraction for automata-based machine learning on future energy systems Master Zhihong Dou Gonca Gürses-Tran
Energy theft detection by means of smart meter based state estimation Master Hemanta Ban Marco Pau
Modelling and Control of AC/DC Microgrid Master Khalil Jebali Asimenia Korompili