Ongoing Theses

Topic Type of Thesis Author Supervisor
Software Testing for Intermittent Computing Master Felix Hartlieb Stefan Lankes
Towards Multi-Objective Multi-Agent Optimization in Electrical Transmission System Master Veena Prakash Tantri Chijioke Eze
Distributed model predictive control of building energy systems Bachelor Alexander Demich Stefan Dähling
Analysis and design of a hardware-independent boot loader for a minimalistic kernel Bachelor Sarah Simon Stefan Lankes
Jonathan Klimt
Analysis of distributed optimization algorithms for non-convex demand response applications in local energy systems Bachelor Christian Vossel Sebastian Schwarz
Development of a distributed optimization-based fast frequency control scheme for inverter-based power systems Master Marc Moritz Tobias Heins
Last Resource letter development for Blockchain-based Critical Infrastructure Protection and Automation Master Leonardo Leonzi D'Allessandro César Andrés Cazal
Extension of the prediction model of a model predictive control using neural networks Bachelor Eric Kortemeier Tobias Heins
Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Time-Series Analysis in Building Energy Systems based on Key Performance Indicators Bachelor David Pohlmann Gonca Gürses-Tran,
Laura Maier (EBC)
Analysis of Unikernel Security with a Focus on RustyHermit Master Leonard Rapp Stefan Lankes
Jonathan Klimt
Developing a Precharging Control Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) based Delta Connected Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) Master Md Zakaria Rahman César Andrés Cazal
Development of a wireless measurement system for monitoring skin temperatures for comfort measurements Bachelor Tareq Mhisen Manuel Pitz
Model Predictive Control for fast frequency response in Islanded Microgrids Master Gábor Szathmári Martina Josevski
Design and analysis of a modified backward/forward sweep algorithm for distribution system state estimation Master Zid Tamim Marco Pau
Analysis of Distributed Optimization Applications for Local Energy Systems Considering Low Voltage Grid Constraints Master Ming Cheng Sebastian Schwarz
Orcehstrating custom unikernel instances in Kubernetes: Evaluation and adaption of current container technologies Bachelor Jonas Schroeder Stefan Lankes
Power System Modeling for Simulation of Grid Dynamics using Shifted Frequency Analysis Master Martin Moraga Jan Dinkelbach
Field-Programmable Gate Array based Real-Time Control and Simulation Master Hatim Abizer Kanchwala Steffen Vogel
Design and Simulative Validation of a Sensorfusion algorithm for State estimation of a fully autonomous Diving Robot Master Fabio König Carlo Guarnieri
Coordination of Traffic Entities in Driving Scenarios using Model Predictive Control for Testing of Automated Vehicles Master Tammo Wittrock Martina Josevski
Hendrik Weber
Energy theft detection by means of smart meter based state estimation Master Hemanta Ban Marco Pau