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Distribution Grid Monitoring and Automation Abschluss Sprache Kontakt
A Data-Driven Technique for Dynamic States Estimation Using Gaussian Processes Master en Priyanka Arkalgud Ganeshamurthy
A Dynamic Phasor based Dynamic State Estimation for Converter Driven Grids Master en Priyanka Arkalgud Ganeshamurthy
Implementation of Blockchain-based Virtual Redundancy as a Novel Distribution Power System Protection concept Master en César Cazal
Thanakorn Penthong
Resiliency and Interoperability in Smart Grids Abschluss Sprache Kontakt
Quantification of Resilience in Current and Future Interdependent Power Systems Master en Nikolaus Wirtz
Interdependency and Uncertainty in a Graph-Based Approach to Complex Power System Modelling and Analysis Master en Nikolaus Wirtz
Abraham Obinwanne Ezema
Data-Driven Technique for Dynamic States Estimation Using Gaussian Processes Master en Priyanka Ganeshamurthy
Sensitivitätsanalyse bei Anwendungen in Energiesystemen Master en Mirko Ginocchi
Validierung repräsentativer Verteilnetze auf Basis der Sensivititätsanalyse Master en Mirko Ginocchi
Implementierung und Interoperabilitätsanalyse einer Verteilsystemautomatisierung in Echtzeitanwendung Bachelor/Master en Amir Ahmadifar
Mirko Ginocchi
Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL Abschluss Sprache Kontakt
Faster Big Data generation and analysis for AI-assisted design of MVDC control and protection system Master en Jaqueline Cabanas Ramos
Knowledge-based Control of Load Frequency in Microgrid System using Reinforcement Learning Master en/de Ahmed Tijani Salawudeen
Fault-Observer-based Distributed Control of Load Frequency in Multiple Area AC Microgrid System Master en/de Ahmed Tijani Salawudeen
Functional Modelling of Multi-Vendor HVDC Systems Bachelor en/de Ilka Jahn
Sensitivity Analysis of Hardware and Software Parameters in HVDC Protection Master en/de Ilka Jahn
Distributed Model Predictive Secondary Control for AC/DC Microgrid Master en Asimenia Korompili
Distributed OPF Algorithm for System-Level Control of DC Distribution Grids Considering Uncertainties Master en Asimenia Korompili
Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions Abschluss Sprache Kontakt
Time-adaptive simulation using Digital Signal Processing techniques Bachelor/Master en Leonardo Carreras
Energy Flexibility Management and Optimization Abschluss Sprache Kontakt
Techno-Economic Analysis of Alternative Microgrid Configurations and Domains for V2X Applications Bachelor en Erdem Gümrükcü
Co-Simulation for Smart Grid Oriented EV Charging Master en Erdem Gümrükcü
Felix Wege
Auswirkungen von Batteriedegradationsmodellen auf Lastausgleichsanwendungen in Stadtquartieren Bachelor/Master de/en

Sebastian Uerlich

Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics Abschluss Sprache Kontakt
Explainable Deep Sequence Model for Energy Forecasts Master en Abraham Obinwanne Ezema
Data and Ontology Model Definition in Energy Systems using Deep Reinforcement Learning Master en Charles Emehel