Open Theses


Here you will find offers for theses at the ACS. These are sorted by our seven research teams.

Distribution Grid Monitoring and Automation Degree Language Contact
Development of an Ultra-Fast Blockchain Service for Power System Control and Protection Master en César Andrés Cazal
Thanakorn Penthong
Automatic network construction and real time device states tracking based on Blockchain and IEC6150 Master en César Andrés Cazal
Thanakorn Penthong
IEC61850-enabled blockchain development for power system automation Master en César Andrés Cazal
Thanakorn Penthong
Security assessment for the implementation of Last Resource Letter’s files Bachelor en/de César Andrés Cazal
Charukeshi Joglekar
Data handling for distribution grid management and congestion identification Bachelor en Marco Pau
Design of an incremental meter placement strategy for the monitoring of distribution grids Master en Marco Pau

Resiliency and Interoperability in Smart Grids Degree Language Contact
Design of a multi-microgrid management system for resiliency improvement using electric vehicles Master en/de Amir Ahmadifar
Erdem Gümrükcü
Sensitivity Analysis in power systems applications Master en Mirko Ginocchi
Validation of representative distribution networks based on Sensitivity Analysis Master en Mirko Ginocchi
Implementation and interoperability analysis of a distribution system automation in real time application Bachelor/Master en Amir Ahmadifar
Mirko Ginocchi

Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL Degree Language Contact
System-Level Control of AC/DC Microgrid Master en Asimenia Korompili
Virtual Inertia Allocation Master en Diala Nouti
Development of a distributed optimization-based fast frequency control scheme for inverter-based power systems Master en Tobias Heins
Distributed OPF Algorithm for System-Level Control of DC Distribution Grids Considering Uncertainties Master en Asimenia Korompili
Online Estimation of Power System Inertia Master en Diala Nouti

Stability and control analysis of inverters with respect to communication technologies

Bachelor/Master en Igor Sowa

Simulation Infrastructure and HPC Degree Language Contact

Using Hardware Accelerators (GPUs/FPGAs) for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Master en/de Niklas Eiling

Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions Degree Language Contact
An interactive real-time simulation platform for power system dynamics


or HiWi


Jan Dinkelbach

Amir Ahmadifar

Assessment of Power System Solvers for Transient Simulations with Nonlinear Components Bachelor/Master en/de Jan Dinkelbach
Transient Stability Analysis of Modern Power Systems using Dynamic Phasors Bachelor/Master en/de Jan Dinkelbach

Energy Flexibility Management and Optimization Degree Language Contact
Enhancement of Distributed Mixed-Integer Programming Algorithms for Energy Management Purposes Bachelor/Master en/de Sebastian Schwarz

Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics Degree Language Contact
Smart Building Domain Vocabulary Similarity Calculation applying Artificial Intelligence Approach Bachelor/Master en/de Zhiyu Pan
Develop Common Ontology Integrated Standard Schema to Support Big Data Interoperability Master en/de Zhiyu Pan