Open Theses


Here you will find offers for theses at the ACS. These are sorted by our seven research teams.

Distribution Grid Monitoring and Automation Degree Language Contact
Data-Driven Technique for Dynamic States Estimation Using Gaussian Processes Master en Priyanka Ganeshamurthy

Enhanced roles of smart grid devices in service restoration of AC-DC distribution grids

Master en Alberto Dognini
Implementation of Blockchain-based Virtual Redundancy as a Novel Distribution Power System Protection concept Master en César Cazal
Thanakorn Penthong
Model Predictive Control for Distribution Grid interfaced with Flexibility Market Bachelor en Edoardo De Din
Implementation of a Distributed Model Predictive Voltage Control with Containers Master en Edoardo De Din

Resiliency and Interoperability in Smart Grids Degree Language Contact
Impact Analysis of Cyberattacks on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on distribution grid reliability. Master en Charukeshi Joglekar
Characterizing cyber-physical resilience for distribution grids with high levels of electromobility integration Bachelor/Master en/de Charukeshi Joglekar
Sensitivity Analysis in power systems applications Master en Mirko Ginocchi
Validation of representative distribution networks based on Sensitivity Analysis Master en Mirko Ginocchi
Implementation and interoperability analysis of a distribution system automation in real time application Bachelor/Master en Amir Ahmadifar
Mirko Ginocchi

Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL Degree Language Contact
Real-time co-simulation platform for control structures of microgrid with virtual oscillator-controlled inverters Master en Asimenia Korompili
Distributed Model Predictive Secondary Control for AC/DC Microgrid Master en Asimenia Korompili
Design of ADRC inverter controller through multi-objective optimisation algorithm Master en Asimenia Korompili
Development of an Online Frequency Coupling Matrix Measurement Method for Power Converters Master en Sriram Gurumurthy
Virtual Inertia Allocation Master en Diala Nouti
Distributed OPF Algorithm for System-Level Control of DC Distribution Grids Considering Uncertainties Master en Asimenia Korompili
Online Estimation of Power System Inertia Master en Diala Nouti

Simulation Infrastructure and HPC Degree Language Contact

Developing a Flexible Interface for Agent-Behaviors in Multi-Agent-System Simulations of Electrical Power Systems

Bachelor/Master de/en Felix Wege

Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions Degree Language Contact
Time-adaptive simulation using Digital Signal Processing techniques Bachelor/Master en Leonardo Carreras
Assessment of Power System Solvers for Transient Simulations with Nonlinear Components Bachelor/Master en/de Jan Dinkelbach

Energy Flexibility Management and Optimization Degree Language Contact
Development of control strategies and optimization models for sector coupled 5th generation district heating and cooling grids Bachelor/Master de/en Sebastian Schwarz
Assessment of the ALADIN Distributed Mixed-Integer Programming Algorithm for Energy Management Purposes Bachelor/Master de/en Sebastian Schwarz
Techno-Economic Analysis of Alternative Microgrid Configurations and Domains for V2X Applications Bachelor en Erdem Gümrükcü
Co-Simulation for Smart Grid Oriented EV Charging Master en Erdem Gümrükcü
Felix Wege
Effects of Battery Degradation Models for Power Balancing Applications in City Districts Bachelor/Master de/en Sebastian Uerlich

Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics Degree Language Contact
Using Active Learning for Schema Matching in Building Energy Master de/en Zhiyu Pan
Schema Mapping for Ontology in Building Energy Data Management Master de/en Zhiyu Pan
Data and Ontology Model Definition in Energy Systems using Deep Reinforcement Learning Master en Charles Emehel