Projects and Seminars

  Students in a lecture room Copyright: Mario Irrmischer

Here you can find our offerings for students such as projects and seminars for bachelor and master programs.

Course Semester Contact RWTH Online Language
Project Future Power Grids SS Prof. Antonello Monti RWTH Online English (primary), German
Project System software for real-time simulation of technical processes SS

Prof. Antonello Monti

Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lankes

RWTH Online English (primary), German
Fourth Semester Project SS

Prof. Antonello Monti

Stephan Groß, M.Sc.

Campus German

Seminar Automation of Complex Power Systems - Grid Dynamics, Monitoring and Control


Prof. Ferdinanda Ponci

Asimenia Korompili, M.Sc.

RWTH Online English

First-Semester-Projekt: MATLAB meets LEGO Mindstorms


Prof. Antonello Monti

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dorit Merhof

Dipl.-Ing. Marcin Kopaczka

RWTH Online

Laboratory Computer Science 2 WS

Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lankes

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Gemmeke

Nicolas Berr

Rainer Schnitzler

RWTH Online German