Information about the Industrial Internship


The internship in the Master's program Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering shall be registered at the Internship Office of faculty 6. All formal issues can be treated there. Issues concerning completion can be answered by the Departmental Academic Advising. After completing your internship, you have to submit your certificate and your internship report to the Internship Office of faculty 6, it has to be done virtual at the moment.

The evaluation and the crediting of the report will take place at the Chair of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, at which also the seminar for the internship should be held.

If you did your Bachelor- or Masterthesis with ACS, you may contact us.

Submission of report from faculty to us plus the necessary documents will be done digital. Your presentation of your internship will be online.

For further information and contacts please refer to the web pages of the faculty.


Internship report

The supervising assistant reviews the internship report. The certificate will be sent to ZPA afterwards to get the credits, and a copy to Praktikantenbüro.

Please pick up the report at the Secretariat, if you submitted a paper version. Normally we get the pdf from faculty 6.


Upcoming Appointments for the Presentations

online, time has to be agreed individually:




Presentation / Seminar at ACS

Every 3 months our master students have the opportunity for presenting their internship presentation at ACS.
You will have a 15-minutes time slot to present, and a couple of minutes for possible questions afterwards.
Your presentation should give a short introduction to the Company/Department, focus on your own tasks and professional achievements, and finally maybe share some personal impressions.

Please bring in time the form you got from faculty: "Bescheinigung zum Industriepraktikum" to the secretariat:

+49 241 80 49700


After the presentation the secretary will send your certificate to the ZPA, so you will get your credits.