HiWi/Student Assistant Positions


Here you can find current vacancies for positions as student assistant at our institute sorted by research teams.

Further information about the individual teams can be found on the research project pages.

Distribution Grid Monitoring and Automation Contact Language
Communication interface between Real-Time simulators and grid automation architecture using VILLAS Edoardo De Din en
Resiliency and Interoperability in Smart Grids Contact Language
Sensitivity Analysis for power systems: a didactic tutorial Mirko Ginocchi English
Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL Contact Language
Data generation for AI-assisted design of modern power systems Jaqueline Cabanas Ramos en
Hydrogen electrolyzer modelling for EMT and Real-Time simulations Tobias Heins de/en
Graphical User Interface for Converter Control System Partitioning Method using Graph Theory Ilka Jahn en
Optimal power flow as microservice-tool for distribution management system Asimenia Korompili en
Exercise sessions assistant: Modeling and Control of Low-Inertia Power Systems Jaqueline Cabanas Ramos en
Simulation Infrastructure and HPC Contact Language
Offene Hiwi-Stellen zur Betreuung von Kleingruppenübungen Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lankes German
Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions Contact Language
Modelling of Power System Components for a Digital Twin of the German Transmission Grid Matrin Moraga
Jan Dinkelbach
Simulation scenarios for evaluation of measurements in modern power systems Leonardo Carreras de/en
Power System Modelling and Simulation with the Open-Source Simulator DPsim

Ghassen Nakti
Jan Dinkelbach

Energy Flexibility Management and Optimization Contact Language
Erstellung eines Semesterprojekts für die Regelung eines Motors in C Berna Balci de/en
Entwicklung eines digitalen Zwillings im Bereich Nahwärmenetze der 5. Generation im Reallabor Alexander Pastor de
Weiterentwicklung von Optimierungen im Bereich Nahwärmenetze der 5. Generation im Reallabor

Sebastian Uerlich


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