Research at ACS

Person working on a realtime simulator © Copyright: Peter Winandy

The research projects of our institute span from fundamental research to applied research. We consider interdisciplinary research areas to take into account interdependencies between electrical and thermal networks as well as towards ICT infrastructure. With competence in high performance computing and real time systems, we are able to design adequate simulation capabilities supporting the analysis of challenges within power networks of the future.

Our research projects are being funded from various sources: A high share of our work is within publicly funded projects (EU commission, German ministries as well as from foreign countries), with further projects being sponsored by direct industry contracts.

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Research Project Videos

Several of our research projects and activities were captured in videos to provide a first impression of the research work.


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Lab Equipment

The ACS laboratory provides a simulation infrastructure to enable simulation, emulation and investigation of all modern power systems scenarios. Our facilities include high performance real-time simulators (Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS), OPAL-RT, DSP/PC-Cluster) and real power system equipment (Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), power converters, protection devices).

With this comprehensive experimental environment we are able to carry out real-time simulation of power systems, distributed systems and multi-physic systems as well as joint simulation of power and communication networks. In particular, real-time simulation with HIL (Hardware in the Loop) techniques and PHIL (Power Hardware in the Loop) techniques fills the gap between field tests and numerical simulation.

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Our reserach projects span from fundamental reserach to applied research and cover interdisciplinary topics in the area of grid operations and ICT for energy.

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