ACS participation at IEEE IECON - Industrial Electronics Conference


Lisette Cupelli, Robert Uhl, Marija Stevic and Marco Cupelli attended IECON 2016 ( conference in Florence, Italy. Our institute presented four papers. Marija Stevic presented the paper “Virtual integration of laboratories over long distance for real-time co-simulation of power systems”. Robert Uhl presented two papers: The first paper is titled „Nodal-Reduced Modeling of Single-Phase Dual-Active Bridge Converters for EMTP-type Simulations“ and is about an efficient approach for modeling Dual-Active Bridge DC/DC-converters in transient system-level simulations. The second paper is titled „Non-linear Behavioral X-Parameters Model of Single-phase Rectifier in the Frequency Domain“ and is about applying the X-Parameters modeling approach in power electronics driven power systems. X-Parameters is a non-linear behavioral modeling approach, until now only used in microwave engineering, for steady-state simulations in the frequency domain, taking the generation of harmonics into account. Lisette Cupelli received the award for the best presentation on her paper “Ancillary services from data center HVAC systems and back-up generator sets” at the Special Session "Efficiency of Large Data Centers".