ectoControl 2.0 project meeting in April 2022


The consortium of the ectoControl 2.0 research project held a project meeting in Malmö from 05.04.2022 - 08.04.2022, which included a local pilot site visit of the research performed during the project.
Project ectoControl 2.0 is based on the partnership agreement between RWTH Aachen University and E.ON.
It researches modern control algorithms for bi-directional low-temperature district heating and cooling grids.
Based on the ectogrid™ pilot system "Medicon Village" in the southern Swedish city of Lund, ACS and E.ON are jointly developing holistic optimization methods as well as sector-coupled operation and control strategies for such low-temperature grids.For further information on the E.ON ectogrid™ technology, please see the web link below.


Further information on the E.ON ectogrid™ technology can be found at

  ectoControl project meeting Copyright: © E.ON Energiinfrastruktur AB Visit of the pilot site "Medicon Village" in the context of the conducted research activities in project ectoControl 2.0