ADMS - Advanced Distribution Management System


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  PMU Prototype Copyright: © RWTH ACS The Low Cost PMU implemented by RWTH in ADMS project  

ADMS is a H2020 project with the goal of developing an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) that addresses the monitoring and control needs of MV and LV networks with high penetration of distributed generation, electrical vehicles and controllable loads. ADMS will provide a new generation of monitoring devices, including a low cost PMU, and the communication infrastructure and protocols for securely exchange measurement and control information. A data concentrator and a state estimator will be developed on top as cloud services. The state estimate, updated in real-time, will be exploited for advanced diagnostic and real-time power control operation. The ADMS platform will be tested in the field at 4 DSOs test sites in Europe.




The results of the H2020 ADMS project, ended in 2018 have been summarized in a YouTube video available at the link below.

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The Gridwatch device, developed by MAC, a company set in Ireland, measuring power quality indexes has been installed in RWTH premises in the context of ADMS project. Together with the ALTEA sensors, the locally developed "LOCO" PMU and the GridHound Cloud, the ADMS architecture is fully installed in the RWTH pilot site.


Andrea Angioni took part at the periodic meeting of H2020 ADMS project in Bologna, Italy. He discussed the current status of the pilot sites and the actions needed for the last trimester of the project.


The ACS Institute, in the framework of the H2020 projects ADMS, terminated the installation of a total of 4 Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) which are measuring the voltage, current and frequency of the E.ON ERC electrical network. The data are provided to a state estimation algorithm which provides the best estimate of the current status of the grid.


At the beginning of January, in the context of the ADMS H2020 EU project, we will start to install and test six Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) developed during 2017 by ACS Institute. The PMU will be connected to the Medium Voltage current and voltage sensors developed by ALTEA company and will continuously send measurements to a cloud monitoring system developed by GridHound.


On the days 27-28 September, Prof. Monti, Prof. Ponci and other ACS research assistants participated to the meeting of the H2020 project ADMS. During this meeting some demontrations on the use of low cost PMU and cloud based monitoring system were held.


The Horizon 2020 project ADMS for which Prof. Monti acts as Project Coordinator was kicked off in with all partners in a meeting at ACS. Further participants from ACS were Prof. Ponci, Bettina Schäfer and Andrea Angioni.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no 730540.