SCoOP: Test bed for cloud based Smart Energy Services

  Schematic of cloud based energy services

The objective of the SCoOP project is to set up a test bed which allows for testing cloud-based Energy Services for Smart Cities. Furthermore, the project will deliver basic buildings blocks which can be used to create and easily test new cloud-based services. The SCoOP platform will be built on Future Internet components (FIWARE) thus guaranteeing compatibility with other services using FIWARE technology. In order to enable a hassle-free and secure testing and development, the utilized FIWARE components will be installed on local servers and will be operated similar to the real cloud environment.


The SCoOP platform will provide the opportunity to test new services and components at different levels: reaching from pure software testing to hardware and Power-Hardware-in the-Loop testing. The pure software testing is suitable for testing cloud-based algorithms and services as well as interfaces between them. Involving real Smart Home Gateways and Control Units in the tests, known as Hardware-in-the-Loop, enables the user to analyze the integration and interaction of real hardware with the cloud. The developed basic building blocks will further enable testing and evaluating entire Smart Home Systems, comprising real heating systems such as heat pumps and their controllers, in an interconnected cloud-context.

In order to establish the described test bed and facilitate the development of new services with the platform, a whole new lab infrastructure will be created and is already under development. The lab infrastructure will host computing infrastructure, workplaces to develop hardware components as well as novel visualization and demonstration capabilities.

The new infrastructure will be used for research at our center but also for supporting third party projects as well as for teaching and education.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of E.ON ERC gGmbH in this project.