SOGNO – Service Oriented Grid for the Network Of the future


SOGNO is a H2020 European Project, which aims at developing a new concept of distribution grid management, based on the use of 5G communication, advanced deep learning techniques and cloud virtualization to provide the intelligence needed to control future smart grids as a service for distribution system operators. SOGNO solution will be demonstrated in different European field trials as well as in the ACS laboratory and in the RWTH Smart Campus grid.



Jan Dinkelbach

Team Leader Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions


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SOGNO is a three-year project, started in January 2018, that has the ambitious goal to combine cutting-edge research activities in the areas of advanced deep learning intelligence, 5G-based ICT and cloud virtualization to build a new philosophy of management and control of modern distribution grids based on the concept of “automation as a service”.

The project involves multiple tasks pursuing the following main goals:

  • development of new services to fulfill the management and control needs of future distribution grids with up to 100% of renewable energy sources;
  • design of a cloud-based infrastructure enabling the collection of measurement data from the grid and the easy connection of turnkey services;
  • use of 5G technology to allow a fast, reliable and secure communication between the field and the virtualized intelligence in the cloud;
  • development of open APIs for the easy interconnection of the different layers of the SOGNO architecture and to facilitate the upgradeability of the infrastructure;
  • deployment of the hardware and software SOGNO components on four European pilots for the field trial demonstration of the SOGNO concepts and solutions.

The project consortium is composed of partners from industry and academia from Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Estonia, Ireland and Italy. The consortium brings together expertise on different fields, including distribution grid automation, sensors and measurements, mobile communication, and cloud computing, which together will contribute to realize the SOGNO vision.

SOGNO vision

The world envisioned by SOGNO will provide turnkey services simplifying the life of the distribution grid operator, by maturing the services implementing next generation data-driven monitoring and control systems, based on 5G based ICT. SOGNO solution will kick-start the market for monitoring and control as services, thus reducing DSO’s upfront investment and ensuring that updated techniques can be rolled out rapidly in their networks.

SOGNO aims to create a disruptive effect in the Distribution Management System market enabling new markets and business models, which will be developed on a sound Corporate Social Responsibility basis. The impact of the SOGNO results will go well beyond the project duration, paving the way for a more dynamic and affordable Distribution Management System market in the future.

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SOGNO field trials

The SOGNO solution and the innovative services developed along the project will be deployed and tested in four different pilots located in Germany, Ireland, Romania and Estonia. RWTH will host one of the pilots in the RWTH Smart Campus grid, with the goal to test and demonstrate the advanced SOGNO monitoring and optimization tools operating in a secure cloud.

RWTH will also host the reference SOGNO implementation in the ACS laboratories, thus including the complete implementation of the SOGNO cloud platform endowed with all the SOGNO turnkey services. The laboratory reference implementation will be built upon the real-time power system simulation capabilities of ACS and will serve for the preliminary testing of the developed services, as well as for the testing of the 5G communication and of the scalability of the SOGNO solution.

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ACS has been serving as Technical Manager of the H2020 project SOGNO from 2018 to 2020. In the framework of this project, a new architecture for service-oriented network automation has been developed and tested in real grids in 3 different test sites. The results of the project influenced further research projects such as the H2020 Platone, coordinated by Prof. Monti, where the platform is further developed and tested in 3 field tests in Germany, Greece and Italy. At the same time the ACS group thought it made sense to create the conditions for a long term sustainability of the project. For this reason, Prof. Monti together with Dr. Mirz, proposed the SOGNO architecture as project in the Linux Foundation Energy. The Foundation recently accepted the project making the work of ACS a candidate to become a de-facto worldwide standard.This success got the attention of the press as shown by a recent paper in Forbes mentioning the research in ACS as key innovation for the grid of the future.


Dr. Marco Pau and Prof. Monti presented results and demos of the SOGNO project at the Stakeholder Consultation Event "Integrated Approach in the Management and Operation of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Networks" organized by CRE. The event was attended by more than 150 participants coming from academia, industry and associations all over Europe and it touched the topics of digitalization, integration of renewable energy, regulation and standardization in future smart grids.


Dr. Marco Pau and Prof. Monti represented ACS during the SOGNO project meeting in Brussels. ACS has a leading role in the project, developing the algorithms and software platform for the field trials and directly hosting one of the pilots in the RWTH Campus grid.
More information about the project can be found at the SOGNO website.


Marco Pau and Prof. Monti participated at the SOGNO project meeting in Berlin and at the following innovation event organized by the SOGNO project on the role of 5G for future smart grids and smart cities. The project meeting and the innovation event were hosted by BAUM, one of the partners of the project.​


Marco Pau represented ACS during the SOGNO project meeting in Craiova, Romania. The meeting was hosted by CEZ Romania, one of the DSOs hosting a field trial for the project. More information about the project can be found at the SOGNO website.


Dr. Pau presented the tool developed in the SOGNO project for the optimal placement of switches in distribution grids at the 1st International Conference on Energy Transition in the Mediterranean Area (SyNERGYMED), held in Cagliari (Italy).


Prof. Monti, Marco Pau and Jan Dinkelbach represented ACS during the SOGNO review meeting held in Brussels. The SOGNO consortium presented the status of the activities after the first year of work as well as the main innovations proposed within the project.
More information about the project can be found at the SOGNO website.


ACS hosted the Advisory Board Meeting of the SOGNO project. Prof. Monti, Marco Pau and Jan Dinkelbach represented ACS during the meeting.
More information about the project can be found at the SOGNO website.


Marco Pau and Jan Dinkelbach represented ACS during the SOGNO project meeting in Tallinn, Estonia. The event was hosted by Ericsson Estonia.


Prof. Monti and Dr. Marco Pau represented the SOGNO project at the H2020 Smart Grids and Storage projects clustering workshop, which was held in Brussels. The SOGNO project was actively involved in the working groups on Data Management and on Technologies, Tools and Models for electricity grids.


Prof. Monti, Marco Pau, Jonas Bielemeier and Jan Dinkelbach represented ACS during the SOGNO project meeting in Kilkenny, Ireland. The project was hosted by ESB and the Waterford Institute of Technology.
More information about the project can be found at the SOGNO website. 


The ACS Institute hosted the second meeting of the European project SOGNO. Prof. Monti, Dr. Marco Pau, Jonas Bielemeier and Gaurav Roy attended the meeting for ACS. Next meeting will be in June in Bologna, Italy.


The kick-off meeting of the H2020 project SOGNO was held in Aachen. Prof. Monti, Marco Pau, Gaurav Roy, Jonas Bielemeier and Manyun Huang represented ACS at the meeting. The project deals with the use of 5G communication and cloud services for the automation of future distribution grids. ACS has the role of technical manager for the project.

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no 774613.